Helen Mirren's gun thrills

July 13th, 2013

Dame Helen Mirren got a huge thrill out of shooting a gun in 'RED 2'.

The Oscar-winning actress - who is best known for playing drama roles such as in 'The Queen' -loved being physical in the follow-up to 2010's 'RED', in which she plays elderly MI6 hitwoman Victoria.

She said: ''I'd always kind of secretly thought that I would be a good shot when I went to fun fairs and you're target-shooting little rabbits. Actually, it turns out I'm a brilliant shot!

''You just feel very cool with a gun in your hands; like having a cigarette in your hand. Whether it's the phallic symbol or not, women just feel the same way about [shooting a gun] as men because it's just pure fun.''

In the film, the actress is joined by fellow ageing screen stars John Malkovich, Bruce Willis and her 'Hitchcock' co-star Sir Anthony Hopkins, 75, who signed up for the action sequel film because he wanted to work with the 'Die Hard' actor.

He explained to Total Film magazine: ''I liked the first 'RED' very much and I really wanted to work with Bruce. I watched all the 'Die Hard' movies and he's a terrific actor. Also, at my age, I might as well keep active and out of trouble.''