David Tennant's Hobbit role

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October 18th, 2010

David Tennant is being lined up for a role in 'The Hobbit'.

The 'Dr. Who' actor is among a host of new names linked to the project - which officially confirmed Peter Jackson as director late last week - with James Nesbitt and Michael Fassbender also up for roles.

Tennant has previously been linked to lead character Bilbo Baggins, but is now in line to play an as-yet-unknown part, Deadline.com reports.

Jackson - who was originally a writer and producer of the film before director Guillermo del Toro left because of financing issues with studio MGM - was hailed as the best "qualified" person to work oh the 'Lord of the Rings' prequel by Warner Brothers' Alan Horn.

He said: "There is no human being on the planet as qualified as Peter Jackson to direct these films.

"Peter is incredibly talented and has the creative vision and experience to bring this beloved property to life in a way no other filmmaker could."

It is expected the first of the two 'Hobbit' movies will begin shooting in February 2011.