James Nesbitt to undergo Hobbit dwarf training

December 22nd, 2010

James Nesbitt is to undergo a month of "dwarf training" for 'The Hobbit'.

The Northern Irish actor - who has been cast as Bofur in Peter Jackson's two-part adaptation of J. R. R. Tolkien novel 'The Hobbit' - will be required to learn how to sword fight and ride horses while wearing his dwarf prosthetics.

He explained: "We're going for dwarf training for a month. It's an adventure and I can't wait for it. I've never done a massive film like it."

James will move to New Zealand - where the blockbuster is being shot - with his wife Sonia and the couple's two daughters in January.

He told The Sun newspaper: "It's a once in a lifetime thing. Not just for me but for the family."

James had originally lined up to play the lead role of Bilbo Baggins in 'The Hobbit', but after that part was given to Martin Freeman he signed up to portray Bofur, a dwarf who accompanies Bilbo on his quest.

Talking about his appointment, Peter Jackson recently said: "James' charm, warmth and wit are legendary as is his range as an actor in both comedic and dramatic roles. We feel very lucky to be able to welcome him as one of our cast."