Soulja Boy for Tupac biopic?

May 12th, 2011

Soulja Boy has been approached to play Tupac Shakur in a biopic about the late rapper.

The 20-year-old star - real name DeAndre Cortez Way - is "thinking" about taking part in the project, which would follow on from him playing the same character Tupac portrayed in a remake of the movie 'Juice'.

He told MTV's 'RapFix Live': "I got an email from William Morris agency - that's my agency that I'm with - they reached out to me to play the part.

"I'm just still thinking about it right now. Even with the whole 'Juice' movie, I'm playing a part that Tupac played, but I'm not actually playing Pac.

"When it comes to this, I'm actually gonna be playing Pac, so I'm really still just thinking about it. But I'm honoured that they would reach out to me and ask me anyway."

Last year it was confirmed the biopic about the music star - who was shot and killed in September 1996 - will be scripted by Oscar-winning directors Stephen J. Rivele and Chris Wilkinson, who were involved in the screenplay for 2001's 'Ali', about boxing legend Muhammad Ali.

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