Ali Larter's 3-D challenge

August 6th, 2010

Ali Larter found filming in 3-D "challenging" because she couldn't "cheat".

The actress had her first time shooting a movie using the new technology on 'Resident Evil: Afterlife' and admits the experience was tougher than she expected, though she insists she enjoyed it.

She said: "It was really fun and it was a challenge to shoot in 3-D but it was very exciting to be on the forefront of a new technology.

"You can't cheat. The cheats are what's really hard because a lot of time you learn how you can do that and just move to get out of the angle. There's a lot of new kind of technical difficulties that come along with shooting in 3-D. But also, how many times do you get to work in something that's a new medium in a way? It's really exciting, really fresh and part of it is that it takes extra time and you might make mistakes."

Although Ali enjoyed the process, she admits it was very slow because of the delicate nature of the cameras.

She explained to website Movies Online: "The camera can only shoot 23 seconds and then it breaks. Then you have to wait two hours and then you start again.

"Some days we'd only shoot 30 seconds worth of footage but you have to be patient. The people are just learning with these cameras. They're very sensitive. You have to be sweet and delicate with these bad boys. If it's too cold, they freeze up. It it's too hot, they get steamy. But that's what's exciting about it."