Milla Jovovich's working marriage

August 9th, 2010

Milla Jovovich loves working with her husband.

The actress plays the lead role in her director spouse Paul W. S. Anderson's 'Resident Evil' franchise and believes being on set together keeps their relationship fresh.

She said: "Paul is so into it. He loves what he's doing. You'll do something and you'll hear from the monitors, 'Yeah!'.

"When we're on the film, that's all we talk about, how to make it better. We have a very creative relationship. It's a lot of fun because what's a relationship if all you're doing is cooking and going to the movies every Friday night? We're having something that is symbiotic - it's like a continuous card game between us."

Milla has just completed work on the fourth movie, 'Resident Evil: Afterlife' and can see herself returning to the franchise for more films.

She added to Total Film magazine: "As long as people still want to see them, I think I still have a couple of years in me. And as long as I still look good. It's exhausting on a physical level, generally but it's just really nice to have this kind of film to fall back on.

"I do a lot of films that are very dark and intense emotionally. If I did things like that all the time I would kill myself."