Review of Gnomeo & Juliet


In Stratford-Upon-Avon, the place where Shakespeare lived, two clans are at war, but their feud is only separated by a garden fence. Their enmity was so violent that it even finds its way into their grass roots. The two opposing families involved in the dispute are Mr. Capulet (dubbed by Richard Wilson) and Miss Montague (voice of Julie Walters). Their rivalry goes right down their own garden gnomes (the center of the story), with one side set in blue and the other in red.

The blues are situated on the left, and the reds are placed on the right. Each side makes every effort to sabotage the other and at times engages in a repeated lawn mower race. At the center of this seemingly unending strife, two young hearts are deeply in love with each other. The two star-crossed lovers are Juliet (dubbed by Emily Blunt) and Gnomeo (voice of James McAvoy).

Their romance starts when Juliet, an adept martial artist, sneaks into a dejected garden one night to pick up some flowers. Gnomeo notices this, seeing a suspicious figure passing down the passageway, and ventures out to take a good look. A kind of flirtatious combat takes place, unintentionally creating a spark between the two. But Gnomeo's identity is exposed when he throws himself accidentally into a pond, revealing his blue hat. As a result, each one runs toward their own gardens. But they cannot deny the fact that something has grown between them. We can see them having furtive meetings and enjoying their moments together. Yet they cannot find fulfillment of their feelings because their families are fighting.

You can very well ask if their forbidden romance will pacify both sides and end the feud. You might think their love affair will lead to a tragic end similar to the original tale.

"Gnomeo & Juliet" was not an easy endeavor, but it has become a success because of the caliber of people working behind the scenes. One example is Elton John. He is among the executive producers of the movie. In addition, he takes charge of writing and performing most of the songs, which are played throughout the film. The songs include "Don't Go Breaking My Heart," "Your Song," and "Crocodile Rock." Although the last one is something new, it will surely linger in your head on and on. Besides Elton John, an array of brilliant voice talents is present, resulting in the creation of a spectacular film.

The main characters Juliet and Gnomeo are dubbed by McAvoy and Blunt. These two are supported by the following:
* Jason Statham - Gnomeo's rival named Tybalt
* Michael Caine - Juliet's father called Lord Redbrick
* Patrick Stewart - as Bill Shakespeare
* Maggie Smith - as Lady Bluebury
* Ashley Jensen - as Juliet's close friend Nanette
* Matt Lucas - Gnomeo's chum Benny
* Jim Cummings - dubbing the pink flamingo named Featherstone
* Stephen Merchants - as Paris

Determining who the famous voices are behind the characters adds to the fun experience. Moreover, each character is brimming with an aura of enthusiasm and humor.

"Gnomeo & Juliet" is a movie that can bring back good old memories, although it contains a slight trace of roughness despite being rated-G. Anyway, kids will only see what's on the surface-the numerous lively action scenes. Moral lessons are there as well, making it a movie for everybody, young and old alike.

"Gnomeo & Juliet" is directed by Kelly Asbury, also the director of the critically acclaimed Shrek 2. The film has been successful and can be ascribed to efforts made to give tribute to two important things: the modest garden gnome and William Shakespeare. Perhaps everyone will agree that this is something so huge a task to handle. Kids may not be able to understand why the statue of Shakespeare is in the film. Nonetheless, the film's funny characters, beautiful gnome gardens, and overall allure are enough to make them happy.