Review of The Lincoln Lawyer


'The Lincoln Lawyer' was a movie released in 2011 starring Matthew McConaughey. This thriller was based on the book titled 'The Lincoln Lawyer,' which was written by Michael Connelly. McConaughey plays the role of a defense attorney in Los Angeles named Mickey Haller, who represents criminals and other high-profile clients who are often guilty, but cleared because of his work. Throughout the movie, he is often working out of his Lincoln Town Car, meeting with clients and criminals. Mickey is chosen to represent a high-profile client and starts working on the most important case of his career.

Mickey is to represent Louise Roulete, who is the son of a wealthy real estate mogul and known as a playboy around Beverly Hills. Louis' mother wants the case handled quickly and quietly. Louis, played by Ryan Phillippe, is being charged with assault after being accused of severely beating a prostitute. At his first glance into the case, Haller thinks Louis is innocent, and that he has fallen victim to being in the wrong place at the wrong time. However, Haller's private investigator notices, after studying the evidence and pictures from the crime, that all of the evidence is similar to another case that Mickey had worked on in the past.

Jesus Martinez, played by Michael Pena, was a previous client of Mickey's who wound up doing a life sentence in prison for the murder of Donna Renteria. Even after being sentenced, he continued to defend his innocence, stating that he was not guilty of the murder. Mickey shows Jesus the picture of Louis to discuss the similarities in the case, when Jesus gets irritated and angry. At this point, Mickey starts to think that Louis could be guilty of the crime that he is facing, and that perhaps Jesus was really innocent. Mickey starts to feel guilty about not fighting hard enough for Jesus, and for convincing him to take the life sentence instead of pleading innocent and risking the death penalty.

After returning home, Mickey hears a message on his answering machine from his private investigator who says he has proof of Jesus Martinez's innocence, and notices that Louis has broken into his home. Shortly after, Mickey finds out that his investigator has been shot with the same model of gun that Mickey himself has in his home. Mickey suspects that the gun was stolen by Louis when Louis broke into his home, but he isn't able to prove it. Mickey is forced to continue representing Louis, and because of client confidentiality isn't able to discuss his concerns of Louis being guilty with the authorities.

In court, Mickey is able to discredit the prostitute so that the jury will not side with her, but he also brings Jesus onto the stand. All the charges of the current case are dropped, however Louis is arrested for the murder of Donne Renteria. Shortly after, he is released due to a lack of evidence, and sets out to harm Mickey's wife and child. Luckily, Mickey is able to get his wife and child out of the house by the time Louis appears, and a gang of bikers, who are clients of Mickey's, is there to protect him. As he returns home, he finds Louis' mother waiting for him. She explains that it was she who committed both murders in attempts to protect her son, and from there she shoots Mickey. Mickey returns fire and is sent to the hospital.
After leaving the hospital, Mickey finds that Jesus has been released from jail and proven innocent of all charges, while Louis is to face the death penalty. He sets off to start his next case, representing the bikers who had his back. This movie is a thrilling mystery that will leave you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end.