Review of Something Borrowed


"Something Borrowed" is a classic romantic comedy with a twist. The movie starts where most movies end: with the girl getting the boy. The film then introduces viewers to the backstory of the main characters, and explains why the girl getting the boy is not always an easy task.

Rachel White (Ginnifer Goodwin) is a New York City lawyer who has a crush on her close friend Dex (Colin Egglesfield). Rachel discovered that she had feelings for him during law school, but never had a chance to act on those feelings. Now, Dex is engaged to Rachel's best friend Darcy, who met through Rachel. But when Rachel and Dex find themselves alone one night after a party, they wind up in bed together.

When Rachel and Dex wake up, panic sets in and Rachel decides to forget that the night ever happened, but eventually Dex can't hide his feelings anymore and wants to see her again. The two embark on an affair, even as Dex continues planning his wedding to Darcy.

The only person they involve in their affair is Ethan (John Krasinski), who has a secret of his own. Ethan loves Rachel, and fell in love with her years ago. He agrees to keep their secret but does whatever possible to let others know about their relationship, without saying a word. Krasinski is at his best, playing a character who loves someone who does not love him.

As the film progresses, the viewers learn more about the relationship between the three main characters. Rachel and Darcy became friends during childhood, and Rachel always had some jealousy towards her best friend. Darcy was the one who shined during school plays, cheerleading, and dances, while Rachel sat on the sidelines and watched. She even sat by and watched as her best friend became involved with the man she loved.

Darcy discovers herself involved with one of their good friends Marcus (Steve Howey). Marcus knows about her relationship with Dex, but becomes a good friend to her. Rachel and Dex continue their relationship until his parents learn of the affair. When Dex ends things between them, the movie really finds its footing.

Through flashbacks, watchers learn that Rachel wanted to tell Dex her true feelings during law school. Unfortunately, Darcy interrupted and started flirting with Dex. Rachel walked away, letting them share what she thought was a special moment. Rachel assumed that Darcy would grow bored with Dex, but they fell in love.

"Something Borrowed" is a traditional romantic comedy; however, viewers might find themselves unsure of whom to root for. Goodwin has amazing chemistry with both Egglesfield and Krasinski. Many viewers might find themselves rooting for an ending that involves either man. Hudson makes the most of her character, playing the spoiled girl who always got what she wanted. Goodwin is more subdued in her role, but eventually grows into an intelligent young woman who knows what she wants.

"Something Borrowed" appeals to female film watchers but has some moments that might appeal to the boyfriends and husbands watching at home. This romantic comedy pulls viewers in from the first moments at the start of the film. The chemistry between the leads is so strong that it is impossible not to watch them on screen. The film ends on a strong note that brings all of their relationships together. With an ending that leaves room for a possible sequel, viewers will want to know what happens next between Rachel and the other characters.