Review of Zookeeper


Movie Review: Zookeeper

Rating: PG
Length: 102 minutes
Release Date: July 8, 2011
Directed by: Frank Coraci
Genre: Comedy, Family, and Romance
Stars: 2 out of 5

Zookeeper is film that was released in 2011 starring Kevin James as the keeper of the zoo, Griffin Keyes. This comedy is great for the whole family and features many leading actors playing the voices of the animals including Adam Sandler, Sylvester Stallone, Judd Apatow, Don Rickles and more. The movie was produced by the production company owned by Adam Sandler called Happy Madison, while Columbia Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer distributed the film. This film attracted many viewers and grossed over 20 million dollars in its first weekend at theaters.

The movie starts off with Griffin arranging a proposal to his girlfriend Stephanie, who is played by Leslie Bibb, but he is deeply disappointed when the big moment comes. His career working at the zoo is the reason why she doesn't want to marry him. As such, his heart is broken. The movie jumps ahead five years when Griffin is the best keeper at the zoo. Griffin is throwing a party for his brother at the zoo because he is getting married and panics when he finds out that his ex-girlfriend who he proposed to is going to be there. After hearing the news that he will see Stephanie Griffin, he decides that he should quit working at the zoo, even though he loves the animals very much, to sell automobiles with his brother.

The animals throw a meeting together to all discuss what they can do to keep Griffin working at the zoo, and they decide that making Griffin look like a hero and also teaching him the mating habits of the wild is the best way to get him to stay. The animals try a few tricks to reach out to Griffin and to make him look good, but they fail miserably. After this, the animals decide they have to break their code of silence and talk to Griffin.

When the animals reach out to Griffin, he is shocked but listens to what they have to say. He takes the advice of the different animals and starts to look silly in front of other workers at the zoo. During this time, Griffin is really able to bond with all of the animals at the zoo and begins to understand them, especially a gorilla named Bernie. Griffin is shocked to find out at the party that Stephanie is actually dating her previous boyfriend, who is played by Joe Rogan, and Griffin decides to take the zoo veterinarian, Kate, to his brother's wedding to make Stephanie feel jealous.

While out with Kate, Griffin decides to stand up to Stephanie's boyfriend this grabs Stephanie's attention. Afterwards, Stephanie asks Griffin if they can see each other again. Griffin responds positively and the two of them go on a date. On the date, she tells him that his job is holding him back in life, so Griffin decides to quit his job at the zoo and take a job with his brother Dave. This makes Kate very upset, so she travels to another zoo, while Bernie feels like he can't trust Griffin any longer.

Stephanie decides that she wants to be with Griffin; however, it's too late. Griffin misses working at the zoo and he also misses Kate, so he decides he is going to leave his new job and reunite with Kate. When he gets to the zoo, the animals welcome him back. However, he learns that Kate is headed to the airport and he must catch her before it's too late.

Zookeeper is a great film for the entire family with impressive computer animation and graphics. It will keep you laughing and interested the whole way through while you cheer for Griffin and fall in love with the animals.