‘The Walking Dead’ Season Six Blu-ray Review

Photo Credit: AMC

If you’re anxiously awaiting the season seven premiere of The Walking Dead - not to mention the resolution to a serious cliffhanger - you could take the time to rewatch the most recent season to prepare yourself for what’s ahead. The Walking Dead season six hits DVD and blu-ray next week so you can do just that, with a few tons of added bonuses for you.

While I’m going out on a limb and guessing that if you’re interested in the blu-ray, you’ve already seen the season, if you haven’t, feel free to keep reading as this particular review will give you a rundown of the special features, but won’t spoil anything from the season for you.

If you’re not caught up on the series and are interested in the blu-ray purely from a story standpoint, season six sees the group having to defend Alexandria from not only a horde of Walkers that were trapped in a nearby ravine, but also from human beings in other settlements. Realizing that they’re running short of food and other supplies, the group sets out to make a deal with the Hilltop group, only to find themselves at odds with the fearsome saviors. The season is built into two large story chunks as a result, building suspense and tension in each half until reaching its climax. While the season finale, quite literally, drives the plot in circles at times, the blu-ray features an extended version of the episode that makes it even more edge-of-your-seat than the broadcast version.


What largely makes up the extended version of the episode is Negan’s (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) intimidating introduction. Comic book fans were waiting a long time for the character to be introduced and the season did a great job at making him seem like an ever present villain as his Saviors remarked “we are all Negan” without ever giving away if he had actually made his entrance or not. Viewers will note that what made it into the show is nearly word for word his speech from the graphic novel, but the extended version features a slew of f-bombs and other profanities in his speech that serve the character well. I’ll admit that I’m not usually someone who thinks added curse words are necessary to get a point across, but they only work to underscore just how much Negan doesn’t care about human life and just how scary he really is.

Of course, that extended season finale isn’t the only special feature fans will enjoy. The blu-ray is loaded with behind-the-scenes featurettes about the VFX process on different episodes, the stunt performances, and the practical makeup for the Walkers. There is at least one featurette provided for every single episode of the season, and each one covers a different topic. Most of what’s featured are the same behind-the-scenes content that AMC featured for fans on their website during the season, so if you missed any, you’ll have them all in one spot. Seeing the way all of the different pieces are put together is definitely a must for fans who enjoy their bonus content.

One of the most enjoyable featurettes included is actually a breakdown of the most notable Walkers used this season. Not only do you find out why the practical and visual effects team designed some of these beauties in specific ways, but exactly how they did. You get to see the painstaking process taken to make Maggie’s (Lauren Cohan) hand go through the shoulder of a Walker and discover just what comic book artist the team drew inspiration from for another.


The deleted scenes, on the other hand, didn’t strike me as particularly fascinating adds (probably why they were easy cuts to make), except for one. Fans will remember that Spencer (Austin Nichols) makes a near fatal decision in one episode in his desire to help, but we never see what prompts him to help in this particular fashion. There’s a deleted scene that puts that into perspective and makes me hope we see more of his character in season seven as it seemed he didn’t quite have a lot to do with the main plotlines in season six.

Fans who miss certain characters more than others will enjoy the “In Memoriam” segment that looks back on all of the big character losses for the season and some of the decisions behind those. I actually think this segment could have been longer and provided more new information for the audiences, but it’s still a fun watch.

The bottom line is if you’re a fan of the zombie genre at all, this is the season for you. The series starts to really up the ante in terms of its dramatic moments, its distinctive Walkers, and its emotional moments.

The Walking Dead season six lands on DVD and blu-ray Tuesday, August 23. Season seven premieres on AMC on October 23, giving new fans plenty of time to catch up.