‘Aquarius’ S2: E07 ‘Piggies’ Review

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Manson (Gethin Anthony) and his family receive two surprises - and one of them is very much a threat. Hodiak (David Duchovny) tries to get proactive with the serial killer sending him photographs of missing women. Shafe (Grey Damon) experiences even more problems in his marriage as a shootout occurs between police and Black Panthers. Meanwhile, Grace (Michaela McManus) makes plans that involve the estranged Emma (Emma Dumont).


**Spoiler Alert**

This review contains spoilers for S2E07 of Aquarius. If you haven’t yet watched, read at your own risk.


The Good

We get a glimpse at Hodiak’s future. The flashforwards tonight show us a glimpse of what Hodiak is up to the late night/early morning when Manson and his girls go on a murderous rampage. We know that Shafe called him in a flashforward we’ve already seen, and it looks like he heads out to Shafe just as the Manson girls are finishing up their handy work, but we don’t get more than that.

Sadie is pregnant? In the future, we don’t see her with a baby, but we do see a very pregnant Emma. I’m fascinated by the “sisterly” relationship between the two of them, and we haven’t seen as much of it this season, so I’m curious how this will change them.

More Charmaine. Last week, I was disappointed that there wasn’t any progress on her storyline. This week, we get to see a whole lot more of her latest undercover work. She already had a lesson in getting too close to her targets in her first undercover case, but now, she’s learning that if she uses her insider information to stop bad things from happening, there’s no one to arrest. Charmaine wants to keep people safe, so the idea of allowing her new “friends’ in the SDS to hurt people so that they can be arrested doesn’t exactly sit well with her. In today’s climate, we want to prevent the bad things from happening. In the 60s though, they needed proof.

Sadie is way too excited about a drug deal. We haven’t seen a lot of Sadie since she hooked up with Tex and I’ve missed her particular brand of enthusiasm. The look on her face when she realizes that Tex is about to pass off drugs to someone is priceless. The scene all goes south once Sadie realizes it’s Ralph picking up the drugs, but I loved the moment of excitement.


“Police chop off your hair?” Shafe makes a stop by Black Panther headquarters in his neighborhood when he hears about a shootout. He just wants to make sure his wife is okay, but she isn’t particularly happy with him right now. Bunchy watches their heated exchange with a little amusement and then gives the aforementioned line to Shafe who easily responds with “Yeah, and Kristin got my balls,” so you know exactly how he’s feeling. It’s such a quick exchange, but it’s one of the few moments in the episode that had me laughing, and when the series goes really dark, you need those lighter moments.

Emma plays Hodiak like a pro. Charlie suggests that she take care of their Ralph problem by paying a visit to the detective that beat him to a pulp before. Emma marches right into the police station and gives Hodiak a sob story that has him taking notes about Ralph. And then struts out of the station like she owns it. She’s definitely grown up.

Hodiak gets a phone call. Fed up with hitting dead ends, Hodiak puts a little note in the newspaper to the killer that’s been taunting him, and he gets a surprise when the man calls him. Interestingly, Hodiak recognizes the voice. Does this mean it’s a character we’ve already met?


The Bad

Ken’s storyline remains boring. I don’t know if I can explain why Grace getting into politics and figuring out how to address Emma being gone is more interesting than Ken still being active in the Republican party, but it just is. Ken is power hungry and wants to climb the political ladder, but his storyline doesn’t have the same punch that it did when he was still involved with Charlie.

Hodiak continually gets pulled from the missing women case. Unless there’s a reason Hodiak is being pulled from this case by the higher ups, this is getting really old, really fast. While yes, active murder investigations take precedent over cold cases, there were other detectives doing nothing but eating breakfast at their desks at one point, and Hodiak is steadily being sent photos from the killer. Why wouldn’t his boss want him pursuing a possible serial killer? If there’s not more to this story, it’s a waste of time to keep pulling Hodiak away and have evidence related to the case go missing in the office.



The Questions

What pushes Shafe back to drugs? When Kristin mentions that she knows he’s using, he tells her it’s for a case, and then promptly puts all the drugs in the house down the drain. But we know that’s not going to last. What’s going to stop him from trying to clean up his act?

What’s going to happen to Emma? Tired of having to answer questions about her daughter, Grace hatches a plan to get Emma back home. How long will that last?

Does the audience already know the serial killer? If Hodiak recognizes the voice in the phone call, should we?


Grading the episode: I enjoyed this episode leaps and bounds more than last week. This week had a much better balance of the different storylines involved in the season and I was interested in (nearly) all of them as a result. B


Aquarius has next week off, but when it comes back on July 28, it moves to 9PM. Make sure to take note!