‘Blindspot’ S2: E03 ‘Hero Fears Imminent Rot’ Review

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Jane’s (Jaimie Alexander) family wants her to assassinate someone to prove her loyalty, putting her double agent status in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) and the team must stop a series of bombings in New York City and Patterson (Ashley Johnson) takes a leap in her personal life.


**Spoiler Alert**

This review contains spoilers for S2E03 of Blindspot. If you haven’t yet watched, read at your own risk.


The Good

Starting off with a bang. Though we don’t get to the case of the week right away after it happens because we delve into Jane’s story instead, the episode starts off with a literal bang as a woman in a cab finds a bag in the backseat and the cab blows just as she tells the driver it’s there. It’s the kind of thing that pulls you right into the episode. The show is very good at these cold opens.

Zapata wants Patterson for trivia night. Patterson tells her she can’t go because she’s got a “friend meeting” that night, which is adorable, but don’t we all want Patterson on our trivia team?

Jane fails her test. Roman and Shepherd want Jane to kill someone Jane recruited for the cause, but she refuses, thinking she can convince Roman that this man can still be useful. They need him because he knows the details of this microchip, after all. Roman doesn’t hesitate to shoot the guy several times though, letting Jane know she’s changed and that she’s failed the test. Jane’s change isn’t exactly subtle based on the stories Roman has been telling about their childhood, but I like her failing the test because it gives her double agent status a bigger sense of urgency. If they know Jane isn’t like Remy anymore, are they going to keep giving her information? Roman will be keeping an even closer eye on her.

Twitter helps track bombers. Proving that crime dramas have to update themselves with the times, Patterson hacks into a twitter account the bombers are using to immortalize their attacks to find out when the different bombs are scheduled to go off. Considering how much we use social media today, this is a genius move on the part of the writers.

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Borden speaks Arabic? Given that he’s been the one listening to all of Jane’s secrets the whole time she’s been with the FBI, his denial of being able to speak Arabic (at first), and his interest in Patterson, it’s starting to feel like Borden’s the mole, which could put a serious complication in their budding relationship.

Reade tells Zapata the truth. The two of them, much like Jane, kept a lot of secrets from the team last season, and the duo decided not to do that again. Zapata has to press Reade for the truth, but he eventually tells her that he doesn’t know if he was an assault victim of his old coach or not. Rob Brown and Audrey Esparza break your heart in this scene as Zapata just wants to be there for Reade, but Reade has missing chunks of time from his own childhood, and I can't wait to see him unravel this story.


The Bad

Roman hints that Jane might have been seducing her recruits to get them to cooperate. Not only does he tell her that her target is a little in love with her, but also that’s why she was his handler, and that she’s always been good at getting people to do what she wants. He adds that’s why they chose her to get close to Weller. Knowing that she was also engaged to Oscar before, and I’m feeling like Roman’s alluding to a pattern with her. Does a woman have to seduce her targets in the spy world all the time?

I did not need to know the story about the rabbit. I get that Roman is trying to make a point and that the story is brutal for a reason, but there’s something about killing animals that always leaves me more uncomfortable than the darker crime stories writers use. It accomplished its goal, but I didn’t need it.

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The Tattoos Unpuzzled

As of last week, 30. This week, Patterson finds that a Puerto Rican city outlines the images you’ll find on the back of a US dime for one of Jane’s tattoos, leading the group to a supposedly abandoned Navy weapons testing ground. As it turns out, it’s still secretly active and people who got cancer as a result of the radiation are the people the bombers want to raise awareness for. It’s a bit simpler of a tattoo explanation compared to the usual ones, but it takes us up to 31 and allows us to split time between the case and Sandstorm again.


Grading the episode: This episode is a bit of a conundrum for me because while I loved the character moments we got with the team, the Sandstorm aspects of the episode were jarring. It didn’t feel like they were part of the same episode. B