‘Preacher’ S1: E05 ‘South Will Rise Again’ Review

Photo Credit: AMC

Tulip (Ruth Negga) gets to know Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) after nearly killing him last week. Meanwhile, Jesse (Dominic Cooper) deals with his newfound popularity after getting Quincannon (Jackie Earle Haley) to commit to Christian principles.


**Spoiler Alert**

This review contains spoilers for S1E05 of Preacher. If you haven’t yet watched, read at your own risk.


The Good

The opening gives us a longer look at the past. Instead of a quick and cryptic flashback opening the episode, we get a more detailed look at Ratwater long before it became Annville. It was essentially a den of sin, and you have to wonder if much has changed. From a whorehouse instead of a hotel, to a preacher that’s willing to shoot an animal in the head to get back at someone, to kids being forced to watch horrible acts - it doesn’t look like Annville has come very far.

Tulip and Cassidy bond. It appears that instead of just turning Cassidy loose after nearly killing him, she took him back to her uncle’s place to get a little rest. Now that he’s recovered, she didn’t waste any time getting her questions about how being a vampire works, which gives the audience a little insight as well, just in case we hadn’t been keeping up with the things that could and couldn’t hurt him. Her rapid fire questions are, of course, paid for later as he does the same to her, but about her boyfriend instead as he has “fallen hard” for her. Their relationship seems to escalate a little too quickly, but they’re definitely interesting to watch.


Fiore practices his phone call. Apparently even angels on a mission from Heaven need a little practice. Considering Fiore and Deblanc aren’t on a sanctioned job, but instead took it upon themselves from what we’ve seen the last few weeks, it’s no surprise they’d be intimidated by someone with more authority calling for them. What’s going to happen when they finally get in touch with home?

Donny has an epiphany. As he hears just what happened with Quincannon at church, he realizes that Jesse didn’t just have power over him in that gas station bathroom, but that there’s something else going on. It also scares him, as it should. If someone can make you do anything, where do they draw the line?

Jesse finds out he doesn’t have a gift from God. One of the reasons Jesse has been so quick to use his newfound gift is because he believes he’s doing God’s work. Now, he knows the truth, as long as he believes Fiore and Deblanc, of course. His opinion might change when he finds out why they’ve been trying to put his “gift” back into the coffee can it came from.

That ending. Either Jesse’s persuasion of him wore off or Quincannon has a very different definition of serving God than Jesse does. Shooting four people point blank in front of the mayor can’t be good for business, can it?

Ian Colletti is just perfect. I feel like every week I like one character more than the others on this show. For the most part, I’ve been bouncing back and forth between Tulip and Cassidy because Ruth Negga and Joseph Gilgun are just so good in the roles, but this week, Colletti has them all beat. Because of the prosthetic and makeup for his character, so much of his acting is done just with his eyes, and you never fail to understand just how Eugene is feeling by the emotions in them. We got to see a little more of him tonight, and the harassment he’s been facing, and of everyone in this story, he’s probably the only one who deserves a happy ending at this point. Colletti is doing a fantastic job with him.



The Bad

I still have no idea what’s going on in the flashbacks. Even though I enjoyed the longer look at the cowboy and getting a glimpse into the “wild west” era of Annville’s history, I still don’t have any idea who the cowboy is or how it ties into Jesse’s story. I suspect comic book fans are enjoying those flashbacks a lot more than the rest of us, who are confused.

Again, the episode moves very slow. This episode picks up almost immediately after the events of last week, and it looks like next week will do the same, which would be fine if I felt like the plot was moving forward. I still feel like we’re stalled waiting for something to happen.


The Questions

What did Eugene do? Tracey’s mother calls him a murderer and it seems like most of the town hates him. I’m betting at this point that he put Tracey in her coma, somehow, and as a result, he tried to kill himself, hence the shotgun blast that marred his face. He seems to be a good kid trying to do all the right things who feels genuinely bad now though. Am I going to hate him when I found out why everyone else does?

What does Tulip want from Cassidy? I kind of doubt she’s fallen for him as he suggests he has for her. But she does want a bad boy since she can’t seem to get Jesse to help her exact revenge on Carlos, and Cassidy might be the next best thing.

What will Jesse do next? How is he going to react to learning his gift isn’t what he thought? Will he let the angels take it from him? Something tells me they might try, but it’s not going to go the way they plan.


Grading the episode: The slow momentum and the lack of big reveals is still making the show drag for me, but Ian Colleti’s Eugene was compelling and sympathetic and really stole the show tonight, saving the episode from being too boring. B-