‘Preacher’ S1: E06 ‘Sundowner’ Review

Photo Credit: AMC

Jesse (Dominic Cooper) finally meets the angels (Tom Brooke, Anatol Yusef) who were so intent on getting to him last week, and learns more about the entity that has provided him with his new ability. Meanwhile, Tulip (Ruth Negga) decides to make herself useful aroud the church and Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) helps Jesse out of a sticky situation.


**Spoiler Alert**

This review contains spoilers for S1E06 of Preacher. If you haven’t yet watched, read at your own risk.


The Good

Picking up exactly where we left off. I kind of think there was the possibility of Preacher taking a break between episodes five and six since the season only has 10 episodes. Last week’s episode certainly could have been a cliffhanger as Jesse sat down with the angels for the first time. We don’t miss any of that conversation as the episode opens with the three of them chatting about Jesse’s new “power,” which means...

We finally get some answers. Not only do we get the backstory on Jesse’s ability (an angel and a demon fell in love and produced a baby named Genesis), but we also find out that Deblanc and Fiore aren’t the only angels on Earth looking for Jesse and Genesis. There’s also a seraphim on the hunt for him, and she’ll stop at nothing to get to him. It shows us that Deblanc and Fiore aren’t immune to fear as they try to find a way to subdue her and they make sure they no longer have a way to be contacted from Heaven.

The fight sequence. In what might rival Cassidy’s plane sequence in the pilot for creativity, Jesse and the angels find themselves having to take on the seraphim repeatedly in their motel room. Jesse discovers that every time you kill an angel, they come right back, leading to a hilariously violent set up that sees the angels dying repeatedly while they try to subdue the seraphim. Add Cassidy to the mix just as the three of them think they’ve got it handled, and it’s one of the only times such violence has made me laugh out loud.

Tulip and Emily get to know each other. Tulip, despite sleeping with Cassidy last week, cannot let Jesse go. Her jealousy gets the best of her as she pays a visit to Emily, telling her to stay away from her boyfriend as she picks up one of Emily’s kid’s art projects from the table and throws it into the wall. The two go back and forth as Tulip leaves, but sits in her car outside, and Emily chastises her for what she did. Tulip, not one to let a child be disappointed as we saw in the pilot, comes back to fix it. The two women make some of the most awkward small talk to ever be seen on television, and it’s great. I hope these two come to understand one another a little bit more as the show moves forward.


Eugene thinks people should choose to be saved. Eugene, even though he spends the episode suddenly having a few new friends (and Ian Colletti is fantastic, as I’ve come to expect) thanks to Jesse’s interference last week, decides that his acceptance and forgiveness is cheating. People haven’t forgiven him because they chose to, but because they were told to. And he points out to Jesse that telling the town to believe is cheating. People have to make a choice. It boils down to free will, as any comic book story featuring the power of persuasion inevitably does, and I love that even though Eugene has the most to gain from his Preacher’s ability, he knows that it’s wrong to allow it to give him the easy way out.


The Bad

Not enough of Tulip and Cassidy. While these two get their own separate scenes with Emily and Jesse respectively, they only get one scene together after their hook up last week. I’m curious to see more of the dynamic between them now that Cassidy knows how important Tulip and Jesse are to one another.

Jesse sends Eugene to Hell. With one command when Eugene doesn’t agree with him, the teenage boy vanishes. I shudder to think what Eugene is going through. He’s the one person without any kind of selfish agenda on the show at this point, but he’s the one consistently being punished for past sins.



The Questions

How will Eugene come back? He has to return, right? But how will he do it? And will be changed as a result?

When will Jesse find out about Cassidy and Tulip? Despite being committed to saving the town, he makes it clear to Eugene that he’s only doing it to fulfill a promise, and then he’s “free,” so even if he’s been turning Tulip away, it seems like his plan is to eventually return to his old ways. He won’t be happy to have his new “best friend” shacking up with his girlfriend.

How will the angels get around Jesse’s command? He told them to stay away, and they have to listen. But can they still try to get to Genesis?


Grading the episode: Much better than the last few episodes, “Sundowner” managed to keep me interested in everyone’s storyline this week and with the divvying up of screen time, the pacing didn’t seem as slow as usual either. It feels like some of the kinks are finally being smoothed out. B+