‘Preacher’ S1: E07 ‘He Gone’ Review

Photo Credit: AMC

After causing Eugene (Ian Colletti) to disappear at the end of last week’s episode, Jesse’s (Dominic Cooper) actions begin to alienate everyone around him and Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) starts to worry about Jesse’s new abilities. We get a little insight into Tulip (Ruth Negga) and Jesse’s past.


**Spoiler Alert**

This review contains spoilers for S1E07 of Preacher. If you haven’t yet watched, read at your own risk.


The Good

Tulip was one tough 10-year-old. One of the first flashbacks of the episode reveal that Tulip and Jesse got into plenty of trouble as kids - probably just as much as they do as adults. Tulip, who was standing up to bullies with Jesse according to what he told the principal, was so hardcore at 10, she “accidentally” bit a boy’s nipple off through his shirt. Her “uh huh” of agreement as Jesse told the story was the perfect tone that lets you know she did it on purpose. The casting for the kids to play the younger versions of Jesse and Tulip is spot on. In fact, the flashbacks we got in this episode made up most of my favorite scenes.

Tulip doesn’t run in heels. It’s a small thing, but it’s made incredibly obvious that when Tulip takes a run through her neighborhood to cut off a pair of boys on bicycles and get back her uncle’s pants that she started out with heels on. She carries them with her until she’s able to stop them, then makes her way back to her uncle, who is passed out on his front stoop, not wearing any pants. Considering she climbs over dog houses and fences to cut through backyards, it would be nearly impossible to do in heels. I feel like this isn’t just an expression of Tulip’s character - being willing to do whatever she needs to, but also be smart enough to take a shortcut - but it’s also in response to the complaints about Jurassic World featuring a woman running in heels.

Cassidy and Tulip fight over Jesse… sort of. In my favorite present day scene in the episode, Tulip shows up at Jesse’s to make dinner and chats with Cassidy. She’s incredibly amused when Cassidy clarifies that he hasn’t told Jesse, who he claims is his best friend, about sleeping with her. Tulip doesn’t seem to much care, believing Jesse would kill him anyway. What follows is her teasing him about being a vampire and Jesse not knowing about it as well as a competition of sorts to see who knows Jesse best. Fighting over who knows Jesse’s favorite movie star shouldn’t be the thing that they spend their time arguing about, but it’s definitely hilarious.

Most awkward meal ever? Tulip’s cooking skills aside (she adds vanilla extract to hashbrowns), Jesse is definitely not up to having a civilized conversation. He sits in silence while Cassidy and Emily try to carry on the conversation and Tulip gets more and more agitated. It’s a thing of beauty and I wonder how much of the scene was improvised because the four actors are just great.

We get a little Eugene backstory. Even though he’s not in the episode, We find out just how he’s connected to Tracey, who is still in a coma, and how he ended up with his scarred face. According to Jesse, when Tracey turned Eugene down, he grabbed a shotgun, shot her, and then himself. While I knew something along these lines was coming, it makes conflicted about my love for Eugene, who seems like the only good person on this show.



The Bad

Quincannon is creepy, but I don’t really buy him as the villain. I know that we’re supposed to know he’s evil. I mean, we got the point when he was able to withstand Jesse’s influence after a single episode, and the point was driven further home with him straight up murdering people last week. He even seems to enjoy the sounds of animals being led to the slaughter. And he wants Jesse’s church. I get all that. But I don’t understand how he’s the villain to Jesse’s anti-hero mainly because I feel like Jesse can easily take him on.

Cassidy hits Jesse with a fire extinguisher. I’m not entirely sure why he chose this method to get his attention? It’s a small thing, but a weird one.

Jesse seems to have had a complete personality overhaul. I’m going to be honest. So far in the show, while I’ve enjoyed Dominic Cooper’s performance, Jesse has probably been my least favorite character on the show. Tulip, Cassidy, Emily, and Eugene of the core group are much more compelling. In tonight’s episode though, he seemed to go as far as he could to the jerk end of his personality spectrum to treat everyone who actually cares about him like crap. He allows Cassidy to burn on the lawn, essentially tells Tulip she’s trash, and tells Emily she’s stupid all within the span of two minutes. He also doesn’t even care that he sent Eugene to Hell until his father comes looking for him. It seems harsh even for Jesse, and it only makes me like him even less than I did before.


The Questions

How much time has taken place so far? The bulk of this episode is set immediately after the events at the end of last week, and that episode took place in a single day. Has only about a week gone by in the timeline? If so, this show could last forever.

Could Jesse lose the church? Quincannon seems ready to roll the bulldozer on it, but I kind of doubt it.

Is Cassidy okay? We know Jesse didn’t kill him because then there’s be no vampire left. But how badly damaged is he going to be since he thought of Jesse as his best friend?


Grading the episode: I feel like there were two distinct episodes going on here, and I actually preferred the Tulip show to the Jesse one. I loved the flashbacks, and I loved seeing Tulip interact with everyone. But Jesse completely shutting everyone out came across more like Jesse simply turning himself off for the hour, which doesn’t make for compelling TV. C+