‘Preacher’ S1: E09 ‘Finish the Song’ Review

Photo Credit: AMC

After all of the craziness last week and Genesis chose him again, Jesse (Dominic Cooper) leaves those who care about him behind as he’s forced to go on the run. Tulip (Ruth Negga) calls on Emily (Lucy Griffiths) for help. In flashbacks, the mysterious Cowboy (Graham McTavish) also returns to Ratwater.


**Spoiler Alert**

This review contains spoilers for S1E09 of Preacher. If you haven’t yet watched, read at your own risk.


The Good

That opening sequence is intense. The Cowboy that we’ve been watching via flashbacks throughout the season makes his return to Ratwater, the town that will one day become Annville. He doesn’t waste any time either, simply steps into town and begins to kill everyone in his path. He’s got a serious axe to grind with the sinners and the hypocrites in this town, and considering we know Annville hasn’t come that far, I do wonder just how he plays into the modern day.

Sheriff Root thinks Jesse killed Eugene. I’m not sure what Jesse thought he’d accomplish by telling the sheriff that he sent Eugene to hell, but obviously, no law enforcement officer is going to take that literally. It’s this that has Jesse on the run. He didn’t mean to send Eugene to hell, and he certainly didn’t kill him.

Tulip lets Emily in on Cassidy’s secret. I fully expected Emily to freak out, just like Tulip. Instead, she holds herself together to ask whether or not Cassidy is dangers, and then Tulip leaves her alone to take care of a still healing Cassidy. I am loving any scenes we get with these two though! A lot of genre shows would pit the only two females in the main cast against one another, but these two got over that hurdle to form a tentative friendship relatively quickly, and I love seeing them try to interact despite their differences.

Emily feeds the mayor to Cassidy. It’s a pretty ballsy move on her part considering she’s basically been using the mayor to fill a void in her life and take care of her kids when she can’t. With Cassidy not healing quickly from the small animals Tulip’s been feeding him and Emily feeling trapped in her own life, she sees this as a way to set them both free. Won’t the town notice the mayor’s missing though?

Jesse and Cassidy reconcile. Cassidy manages to keep himself from going after Jesse even though he’s basically starving, and Jesse apologizes for allowing him to burn in the first place. Of course, Cassidy sees the silver lining when it comes to Jesse - the preacher might have allowed him to burn, but he also put the fire out. It’s a weirdly sweet scene. You have to wonder why Cassidy has so much faith in Jesse though.

The “flashbacks” all come together. We finally get a bit better of an idea of just what has been going on with the Cowboy as we see significant moments from the flashbacks all put together. It gives us a slightly clearer picture of everything that happened, and makes his revenge on the “town” make more sense as we see him relive the events over and over again in Hell.



The Bad

Heads, heaven. Tails, hell. I feel like important decisions like this shouldn’t be made with the toss of a coin.

Sheriff Root strangles the angel. I kind of forgot she was left unable to move in the hotel room. But when the sheriff finds her with no legs and no arms and she asks him to kill her, he doesn’t hesitate very long. He chooses to strangle her, which seems like a strange choice to me if he’s intending to show her mercy. That’s a pretty personal way to kill someone and a very painful way to go. I expected him to do something that would be more instantaneous.

Not enough Tulip! Any time she disappears for most of the episode, I’m going to have this complaint.


The Questions

Will Jesse get to talk to God? With the phone and an angel’s hands in his possession, it would seem he has everything he needs. It’s inevitable that it’s going to go wrong though, right?

Will Tulip get her revenge? She made her way to Albuquerque, but she’s got to go back to Annville at some point.

Is Eugene going to be okay? We saw that DeBlanc and Fiore were able to travel to Hell this week, but they were after someone who could help them kill Jesse instead of Eugene. What’s going on with Eugene?


Grading the episode: This episode moved much better than last week and brought so many threads together that it was a lot more fun and satisfying of an hour. B