‘Scream’ S2: E06 ‘Jeepers Creepers’ Review

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Noah (John Karna) takes his investigations into the previous killer’s accomplice further. After the events of last week, Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus) lands at the top of his suspect list. Of course, his investigations also make him a target for the killer. Brooke (Carlson Young) takes matters into her own hands in a separate search for answers.


**Spoiler Alert**

This review contains spoilers for S2E06 of Scream. If you haven’t yet watched, read at your own risk.


The Good

Noah investigating Audrey. Not only does this lead to some of the most awkward lying to Audrey Noah could ever do (she’s much better at lying than he is), but it also leads to him and Emma pooling their resources and trying to clear her from their own suspicions. Of course, even though Noah wants to clear Audrey from any wrongdoing, he’s also not telling Emma about the video on Audrey’s phone of her with Jake’s dead body. He wants to protect her, even while he appears to now be terrified of her.

Emma doesn’t keep things hidden. One of the biggest problems in season one, and the reason Emma’s friends kept getting killed so quickly, is that they didn’t actually share information until the end of the season. This time around, Emma shares what she knows as soon as it happens with Noah and Kieran, putting them all on the right track to figuring things out.

Stavo shows Audrey his graphic novel. Audrey has suspected Stavo of being the one messing with her for a while now, and after getting beaten up pretty badly during the lockdown when she showed a few of his drawings to the rest of the school, I’m surprised he approached her. Their conversation is awkward and tense, and Stavo is just as smarmy as usual. When Audrey sees that he’s actually illustrating a graphic novel that tells the story of Lakewood, she tells him he does good, if twisted, work. I still don’t trust Stavo and I don’t think he’s a good guy. But the show consistently throwing him in our faces makes me think he can’t be the new killer.

Noah knows he makes a mistake. As soon as he realizes the creepy factor of abandoned carnival rides and the fact that he’s on his own with a killer on the loose, he knows he made a mistake. He goes as far as to call himself a moron and run back to his car. Why didn’t he call for another reinforcement other than Emma?


Brooke goes for broke. Not only does she lie to her psychology teacher to put a wedge into her relationship with Seth and make the woman doubt her lie to be his alibi, but Brooke also lures him to their old hook up spot in order to trap him there and threaten him into giving her more information. She really seems to like using scissors as a weapon, using them to give Seth a good scare after using them to destroy her own pillows earlier in the episode. She comes a little unhinged as she questions him about his alibi and about just where Jake would get the money to pay him to leave town. Brooke doesn’t get all the answers she’s looking for, but she (and the audience, if there was anyone who actually thought it possible) clears him of being Jake’s killer.

Audrey and Noah in the carnival. While I think Audrey being the kidnapper was telegraphed as soon as she knew Noah was following her and ended up with her phone returned to her, I still loved this scene. In fact, it was my favorite of the episode. I love that Noah, so sure at least one of them, if not both of them, is about to become a murder victim, decides to spill all of his secrets. He reveals a few funny moments, like the fact that he has never liked his cat. But he largely confesses secrets related to their friendship, like how his feelings for Audrey might have changed, and how he took her phone and knows that something has been going on. Of course, Audrey confesses that she set up the whole thing and that they aren’t really kidnapped, but they don’t get the chance to talk until much later as Emma shows up.

Audrey’s confession is recorded. As she tells Noah about her connection to Piper and why she’s being targeted, Noah never turns off his recording software. You just know that’s going to come up again soon and people are going to find out about Audrey’s friendship with Piper before she wants anyone to know.


The Bad

“It could be anyone this time, Emma.” It’s laying it on a little thick when we see the two women who have undergone the most recent psychological trauma debating who could be the killer. It seems more and more like the show’s trying to plant the seed of doubt that Emma is as sane as we think. She could easily be the killer, or one of them. But it’s becoming as on-the-nose as the push for us to find Stavo creepy.

Audrey claims Piper told her she wasn’t killing anyone. As Audrey confesses that she brought Piper to Lakewood with hopes of working on a Brandon James documentary, she also tells Noah that she believed Piper was innocent when the killings started up. Audrey’s confession only serves to muddy the waters about Piper’s accomplice. There was at least one instance last season in which “the killer” knocked Piper and Will unconscious, which means either Audrey is lying to Noah about how much she was involved, or the new killer isn’t so new after all. It would be better if we could have had an explicit explanation for this one since we’ve already got so many other red herrings going on.

The closing scene. I know that this show gets a little bloody from time to time. It is, after all, a slasher series. But I really didn’t need to see blood dripping onto Seth Branson’s face as the killer sawed off his hand. Also, didn’t need to see the killer cauterizing his wound with an iron. Though, it does pique the curiosity: why didn’t they just kill him?

I’m not sure what the Jeepers Creepers homage was? Maybe it’s because it’s been a long time since I’ve seen the movie, but since the episode should have a tie to the movie that provided the title, I was trying to wrack my brain about what it could be. Maybe the fact that we thought Seth was safe, only to have his body parts removed at the end? Do you guys have any ideas?



The Killer

The show threw a lot of information at us this week. Noah and Audrey, as I’ve said all season, are in the clear. That much is obvious. But we have Emma getting calls from the killer that no one else witnesses, seeing the killer when no one else sees them, and her IP address popping up as the one that sent emails from a dead girl to her father. It’s entirely possible that the killer is all in Emma’s head and that she really has suffered a psychological break. Then, of course, there’s Stavo in all his creepy glory. I’m not sold on him though. I think, like Emma, the clues are a little too obvious. If the writers are going to make either of them the killer, they need to make us trust them again first.

More interesting is that whoever the killer is decides to let Seth Branson live, but with one very big catch. That seems to indicate more that Brooke or even the new teacher could be the one doing the deed. Then again, Eli was conspicuously absent this episode as was Haley, who has been consistently outspoken against the Lakewood Six. So, really, we’re back to nearly everyone still being a suspect.


Grading the episode: Overall, this episode did a great job at selling the tension and dropping clues, but I think the push for the audience to think Emma or Stavo are the killers is becoming just a little too much. The show needs to start showing us clues for other characters to keep things interesting. C+