‘Scream’ S2: E07 ‘Let the Right one In’ Review

Photo Credit: MTV

After being missing in action last week, Eli (Sean Grandillo) decides to take Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) on a new adventure that involves some criminal activity. Meanwhile, Brooke (Carlson Young) confides in Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus) and the killer lures them both into a trap.


**Spoiler Alert**

This review contains spoilers for S2E07 of Scream. If you haven’t yet watched, read at your own risk.


The Good

Emma opens up to the police. Now, in the past, I’ve tended to side with the teens staying away from the police in this town since none of them seem to investigate in the right direction. But with the new sheriff actually listening to Emma these days and thinking that someone might be targeting her, Emma deciding to tell them more about what she thought were her hallucinations strikes me as a good thing.

Audrey and Brooke bond. Audrey, in Brooke’s words, “is dark, in a good way.” Obviously, Audrey is the best person for her to ask for help when it comes to how she left Branson locked up in a hotel room after threatening him with a pair of scissors. That means the duo spend a lot of the episode together, and I love it. The dynamic between these two is so fascinating to me considering they appeared to not be able to stand one another in the pilot episode. The two of them are so much more alike than they realize though, and I love any time the show gives them an intersecting storyline.


Branson is dead, right? With his hand being removed and the wound seemingly cauterized by an iron last week, I thought the killer was taking him for leverage or something. Now we get to see what. Why exactly he’d use him to lure out Ms. Lang and not against Brooke or Audrey is a little odd, and then to keep him, still alive with another dead body is even stranger, but we’ll let it slide. No disrespect to Bobby Campo, but I’m ready for the character to be gone.

Noah shopping for protection. The look on his face as an older woman tries to offer him assistance before his date with Zoe is just gold. I had to mention it. It’s such a quick moment, but so funny. I could have watched a much longer scene.

Audrey interrupting Noah and Zoe’s date. How awkward! Especially considering she spent a drug fueled party making out with both of them and Zoe is now insecure about her relationship with Noah while Noah has admitted to having feelings for his best friend. It’s all kinds of complicated. And to be honest, this is the most interesting love triangle on the show because it’s the completely unintentional one. Audrey isn’t trying to get in between them. But she just can’t seem to stop since there’s always something going wrong and Noah is her BFF. I couldn’t get over Audrey constantly averting her eyes even though both Noah and Audrey were mostly covered up. Of course, the more Zoe sees Audrey coming between them, the more sketchy she gets.

Let the Right one In. The title for the episode comes from a film about a little boy who is an outsider in his town and befriends a dangerous vampire who protects him - violently - from bullies. That vampire? Her name is Eli. It seems like we’re supposed to take the nod that the episode’s Eli being creepy and breaking the law might just be his form of dealing with the same things that plague Emma. He might be weird, but he’s not going to hurt her.


The Bad

Eli provides the Kieran backstory. And it’s pretty cliche. He had a rough childhood and his stepfather and mother died right after he fought with them. It sounds like the jumping off point for just about any teen movie that features a growth curve and I feel like the writers could have done something more unique.

Emma is always at the center of a love triangle. I know I’ve complained about this before, but it needs to be repeated. As the show’s “final girl,” we already know she’s the story focal point. But with the focus being split between other characters a little more this season, do we really need to see her with yet another guy?



The Killer

Branson, Ms. Lang, Audrey, and Brooke are all officially off the list considering what went down at the school this week, right? Not that any of us still had Audrey pegged as involved since she’s been the biggest target this season anyway.

Zoe is looking more and more like a promising candidate this week for the killer though. Not only was she out of Lakewood when Piper was busy killing people last season, but she didn’t want to tell Noah why, and she used every chance she got this episode to drive a wedge between Noah and Audrey.

Of course, Eli upped the creepy factor this week too by breaking into people’s houses while they were sleeping and walking around eating their food with a knife in his hand. Sharing the tamer version of breaking and entering with Emma, it seems like he’s trying to paint it in a more escapist light, but there was also a dead body in that house, so he gets shadier every week.

And of course, Gustavo was MIA this week, which means he’s the only character whose whereabouts are not accounted for at all. There’s always one.

It looks like the show really wants us to suspect the new kids, but I still think both Kieran and Emma are viable options as a result of a psychotic break, or even basic old jealousy.


Grading the episode: Despite the teenage cliches that we get in the episode, this one was fun and twisty and offered up some interesting new character interactions for us to watch. B