‘Scream’ S2: E09 ‘The Orphanage’ Review

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Following some time after the final moments of last week’s episode, Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) knows Audrey’s (Bex Taylor-Klaus) secret and the two struggle to maintain their friendship. The two also learn just why they’re being targeted by the killer. Noah (John Karna) finally gets one thing he’s been after. And a missing piece of evidence is found.


**Spoiler Alert**

This review contains spoilers for S2E09 of Scream. If you haven’t yet watched, read at your own risk.


The Good

Emma’s sleepwalking with knives. I’m probably in the minority of the audience that is loving all of the hints that it could actually be Emma doing all of these things… or at the very least, some of them. Her waking up in the middle of the kitchen with a knife in her hand as her mom tries to talk her down is pretty terrifying, and a great moment to remind the audience that she might not always be in control of her actions all the time.

Audrey’s not good with being hated. If this was Audrey in season one, she would have accepted the hate and internalized it, maybe made a few snarky comments. But with everything she’s been through with her friends, she wants so badly for them to understand that them shutting her out and her blowing up at Noah is heartbreaking to watch. If only they all knew how much she had been targeted this season! Audrey doesn’t deserve another target on her back, but Bex Taylor-Klaus is so great to watch when it happens.

Audrey and Zoe are angry. Here’s the thing: Audrey is one of my favorites, but I also really enjoy Zoe’s addition this season. I’m not taking sides, but I think this fight has been brewing since pretty much the season premiere. I normally hate when television shows pit women against one another, but I think it’s important for these two, who usually seem pretty forward, to get everything out in the open and move forward. Whether Audrey is actually tamping down any feelings for Noah isn’t so much the issue as the fact that nobody on this show can trust one another until they know all the facts.

The Orphanage. Creepy! As it turns out, Ms. Lang and Piper both grew up at the same orphanage that used to be a mental health asylum. This part of the storyline works as a nod to the 2007 Spanish language film of the same name in which a woman brought her children back to the same orphanage where she grew up. It’s all about creepy history, and Lakewood’s just get weirder with every new addition.

Brooke gets some answers about Jake. As it turns out, Brooke’s father hired Jake to burn down his abandoned development so he could cash in on the insurance money. If her father hadn’t sent Jake out to the development in the middle of the night, the killer might not have got to him so easily. Ouch. It looks like Brooke’s daddy issues just got a whole lot worse.

Noah is still Audrey’s better half. Even though they’re angry with one another, and even though Audrey’s sure Zoe is out to get her, she still rushes to Noah’s aid when she thinks he’s in danger, and is sure the text that she and Emma get is about him. Despite all the rifts we’ve seen amongst the friends on this show, Noah and Audrey have always managed to work out their differences and be there for one another, so I like that there’s no way she’s letting her anger stop her from finding him, or Emma from working with her for that matter.



The Bad

The episode doesn’t pick up right after last week’s reveal. Given that last week’s episode ended on a cliffhanger, wouldn’t you think the writers would want to pick up right where they left off? Apparently not. Instead, we jump into the middle of Emma’s dream sequence later that night. It seems odd to open with no idea of what happened between them.

Noah and Zoe jump into bed awfully quickly. I know the two of them have been trying to have time alone for the last few episodes, but to have Noah’s best friend storm out because her life is falling apart and then jump at the chance to sleep together? That sends up all kinds of slasher film red flags and it felt a little forced. They couldn’t even have one more scene before? I mean, it did give us the great line from the killer, “I’m sorry Miss Lakewood ruined your virgin,” so I can’t completely hate it.

The plan to get everyone out of a building is to cut the power. Seriously? There’s a killer on the loose and you want to put everyone in the dark where they are even easier targets? Have these kids learned nothing?



The Killer

Okay, so Haley was basically my prime suspect at this point, and while we do get to see that she was helping the killer, and might have known his identity (unless whomever she was helping was working with the killer and the actual killer is the one who killed her - you follow me?), she still got the sharp end of the knife tonight, which means she’s not the one terrorizing Audrey and Emma.

Zoe is suspicious only because of the leaked recording and the jumping into bed with Noah immediately after. I want to believe that Zoe is too smart to allow herself to be caught, but could she have planned to get caught to drive a wedge between Noah and Audrey? Possibly. There still seems to be a lot we don’t know about her.

Stavo was, again, the one made to look the most suspicious. Not only did he possibly let his last best friend bleed out, but he also stole Brooke’s lipstick after spending the night with her (though it didn’t look like the same shade used to write on Emma’s locker mirror), showed up at the party where Haley was killed, and even referred to Brooke’s mom’s “very special friends” after Haley called the killer the same thing. That’s a lot of evidence to throw out at one time, which makes me still suspect he’s a red herring.

Missing this week? Eli. Because there’s always someone unaccounted for when a body is found. Eli also feels like a red herring though too because we know he’s shady and we know he and Kieran have their issues and we know he’s interested in Emma.

It just feels like a whole lot of red herrings. A part of me wants it to be Emma in the end, but is that going to be too convoluted at this point? Probably.

In short, there are still too many options.

Grading the episode: I will be the first to admit that the aspects of this episode I didn’t like fall into the typical slasher tropes. There are always going to be the moments that make you roll your eyes and question the characters’ intelligence when you’re watching anything in the slasher genre. As a result, they didn’t detract from my overall enjoyment of the episode, and it still ranks high in the season on the tension, drama, and fun. B+