"Bound By Flesh" Review


When I saw the name‭ ‬“Zemeckis‭”‬ attached to this film I knew I wanted to see it.‭ ‬As I started watching it I saw that Robert Zemeckis was only a producer for the film,‭ ‬but it looks like movie making runs in his family as his young daughter Leslie Zemeckis took the reigns as director and writer of this wonderful documentary.‭ ‬The film has already won the‭ Hollywood Discovery Award for Best Documentary at the‭ ‬2012‭ ‬Hollywood Film Festival,‭ ‬and it has been gaining the attention of audiences ever since.‭

The film revolves around American sideshows‭ ‬in their heyday and focuses mainly on a pair of conjoined twins named Daisy and Violet.‭ ‬Often referred to as the Hilton sisters,‭ ‬these two ruled in the vaudeville circuit during the‭ ‬1930‭’‬s and‭ ‬no one was a bigger attraction.‭ ‬It starts with their birth in‭ ‬1908‭ ‬in Brighton,‭ ‬England and their adoption by Mary Hilton,‭ ‬after their birth mother sold them to her,‭ ‬who conveniently placed the girls in the back of her English pub and sold tickets for people to see them.‭ ‬After they moved to America in‭ ‬1915,‭ ‬the film goes through life of the‭ ‬“freaks‭”‬ in these sideshows along with the Hilton sisters entire career from the beginning to the end.‭ ‬It also focuses attention on men like Myer Myers who used them and took what should have been theirs,‭ ‬the girl‭’‬s promotional fake‭ ‬marriages,‭ ‬and up to their eventual death as poor grocery shop clerks.

You will learn a lot from this wonderful documentary.‭ ‬Not only about the life of these particular Siamese twins,‭ ‬but what entertainment was like‭ ‬back then and how it went away.‭ ‬Legends like Ward Hall the‭ '‬King Of The Sideshows‭' ‬and the modern day barnum,‭ ‬the twins goddaughter Camille Sweeney,‭ ‬and many historians who all lend their knowledge and personal experiences with the girls.‭ ‬You will see actual videos of the girls performing,‭ ‬and even get to see a glimpse of what their personal lives were like‭ ‬It is a film that will inspire you and make you realize how small most of your problems actually are.‭ ‬I highly‭ ‬recommend you see Leslie Zemeckis‭’‬s new documentary,‭ ‬Bound by Flesh.‭

Bound By Flesh opens theatrically in New York (IFC Center) and select theaters, VOD, and iTunes on June 27.