Craig's First Take: "I'm So Excited"

Photo Credit: © 2013 - El Deseo S.A.

“I’m So Excited” begins with a disclaimer- that it’s a work of fiction and is in no way based in reality. Thank god, cause I’m confused at how to relate it to anything other than enjoyably random oddness. The film is directed by acclaimed Spanish director Pedro Almodovar, known for movies like “The Skin I Live in”, “Bad Education”, and “Volver”. This is his first comedy in a while and probably the most ridiculous film he’s ever done.

It centers on a Peninsula Airlines flight. The pilots Benito (Hugo Silva) and Alex (Antonio De La Torre) have been informed that there is a technical problem with the aircraft, due negligence by the ground crew (Almodovar favorites Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz make small cameos here), leaving the three stereotypically flaming-gay flight attendants Ulloa (Raul Arevalo), Fajas (Carlos Areces), and Joserra (Javier Camara) to entertain the business class passengers however possible while they circle around waiting for permission to land.

This includes parading around the airplane cabin while lip-syncing to The Pointer Sisters “I’m so Excited” and mixing hard alcohol with mescaline. Yes Almodovar relies heavily on gay humor- some of the jokes include one character inferring that another is talking about something gay when he actually means the plane and there is an entanglement between the married Alex and Ulloa while Benito doesn’t know he’s in the closet. But Almodovar is too good just to let them be the butts of jokes and they wind up being more amusing because of it.

The passengers are also an eclectic and amusing group. One (Guillermo Toldeo) calls his girlfriend from the plane, only to realize that she has lost her phone during a suicide attempt and it has landed right in the hands of his ex-girlfriend. There’s also a dominatrix named Norma (Cecilia Roth) who thinks that the NSA is trying to kill her. And Bruna (Lola Duenas), a psychic/crazy woman who predicts something big is going to happen while trying to control her sex-crazed virginity, which leads to this character comedy’s one big misstep later on when she finally succumbs and takes advantage of a sleeping passenger (coach passengers have all been given sedatives).

But it doesn’t take long for “I’m So Excited” to revert right back to its nuttiness by the next scene. This doesn’t have the kind of rapid fire jokes and comedic chemistry of say a “This is the End” but it’s quirky enough to not be bored by and worth seeing for the characters alone.