"The Damned" Review

Photo Credit: IFC Midnight

Director Victor Garcia is no stranger to horror movies after directing 2011‘s “Hellraiser: Revelations” and 2010‘s “Mirrors 2“. His latest film “The Damned” aka “Gallows Hill”, has just about all you can ask for in a horror film. It’s got blood, a decrepid old mansion in the middle of nowhere, and scarcest of all, a demon possessed little girl.

The story begins as David (Peter Facinelli) and his fiance Lauren (Sophia Myles) travel to Bogata to bring David’s daughter Jill (Nathalia Ramos) back home for their wedding. Jill, finding peace after her mothers passing, decides to put up a stink about going home and makes them travel 7 hours to get her passport. Along with Jill’s Aunt Gina (Carolina Guerra) and Jill’s summer boyfriend Ramon (Sebastian Martínez), they all decide to take a short cut on a dangerous road during a storm. Their car is turned over by a flash flood miles from civilization, no cell phone service, and Lauren cannot walk far after being injured in the accident. Not knowing what to do they find themselves knocking on the door of a mysterious old inn that hasn’t had customers in a very long time. They are greeted by a strange old man named Felipe who is very weary about helping the family but eventually lets them in. The story takes an evil turn when Jill and Ramon stumble upon Felipe’s secret in the basement and unknowingly let out an evil that the world should never know.

The acting in this film was good, the story was good, and the special effects were pretty average for a film like this these days. To be honest, I hate watching movies with demons and people being possessed, but I did enjoy the film. It did scare me but that’s what it was supposed to do, right? One thing I didn’t like was the fact that they all got to the house very early in the film and I hadn’t really got to know the characters before they suddenly were in a life and death situation. I’m also not to sure why Garcia decided to show us a foreshadowing clip of the end at the very beginning of the film. I know a lot of movies do that, but I haven’t seen that much in the horror genre.

All in all it was a good film and worth watching if you are a fan of the genre. The film comes to VOD on July 25th.