MRR Movie Review: The Collection


Movie Review: "The Collection"

-- Rating: R
Length: 82 minutes
Release Date: November 30, 2012
Directed by: Marcus Dunstan
Genre: Action /Horror/Thriller

Released just in time for the holidays, "The Collection" is the long-awaited, gory sequel to the 2009 cult film "The Collector." Created by the writers of the "Saw" films, "The Collection" offers plenty of kills, shocks, and traps to appease any fan of movie torture. The return of a key actor from the first film, along with the serial killer named the Collector who evaded capture, give "The Collection" several things that connect it to the original movie. Fans can anticipate a deeper look into the silent killer and more traditional action film work than any previous torture film. It is the perfect anti-holiday movie for horror-genre enthusiasts and others looking for a good scare.

The return of Arkin, played by Josh Stewart, is not an accident or side story. He escaped the clutches of the Collector (Randall Archer) in the first film, while Elena (Emma Fitzpatrick) took his place. Arkin is the only survivor, a fact that no one will let him forget as he struggles to get on with his life. The pleading of Elena's rich father (Christopher McDonald) and harassment by the police send Arkin off on a mission to finally kill his tormenter.

Elena's dad hires a modern-day posse, who are all strapped and loaded to hunt the serial killer. These men and Arkin are tasked with finding the Collector's den, rescuing Elena, and capturing the Collector. However, their mission may just be the basis for the most elaborate game that the Collector has ever played.
Arkin tries to warn the posse to be careful and attentive. There are deadly booby traps at every turn, and the characters never know when the Collector is nearby watching them. Arkin warns everyone to stay out of the Collector's clutches. Becoming a part of the collection is a fate worse than death, as the Collector has many ways of doling out pain that keep the victim lingering just one step away from the relief of death.

The posse is methodically picked off, one by one. This occurs inside of the warehouse where the Collector keeps his collection. It is a deadly maze with some of the most gruesome torture traps imaginable, all loaded and ready to rend human flesh. Somewhere in the maze, Elena is awaiting rescue or her turn at being tortured at the hands of the Collector. The Collector is there as well, waiting to finish what he started with Arkin, the one who got away.

Written by Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melon, who also wrote the scripts for installments four through seven in the "Saw" series franchise, "The Collection" is more than enough to satisfy a horror buff's torture craving. The film's quality, direction, and action dynamic are enough to draw in a few horror fans that once liked the "Saw" series but wanted a little more gory detail in the films. Directed by Dunstan, "The Collector" is shot on film to distant it from the grainy quality of past films in the genre. It also combines the action genre dynamics with the shocks and gore of the torture genre to create a film that almost crosses over into mainstream horror. The film gave fans what they wanted: a look into the inner workings of the psycho-killer they fell in love with in 2009.
People who are not fans of horror will not like "The Collector," but they are not the primary audience for this movie. The script was written by torture-genre fans for torture-genre fans. The story plays to the more sophisticated, giving them an intimate look inside the Collector's den. Others may find the film too bloody with too many shocks and stressful scenes.

"The Collector" offers fans an alternative to the sugary holiday films and the feel-good flicks that dominate the rest of the year. Settle in for a good scare and remember all the lessons you learned from watching the "Saw" series in theaters. Keep your drink in the cup holder, and find a stationary spot for your popcorn and candy. From the start of the movie until the finish, there will be plenty of scenes that will make you jump out of your seat.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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