MRR Movie Review: Push


Movie Review: "Push"

-- Rating: PG-13 (intense sequences of violence and action, brief strong language, smoking, and a scene of teen drinking)
Length: 111 minutes
Release Date: Feb. 6, 2009
Directed by: Paul McGuigan
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, and Thriller

Although "Push" appears to be like any other science fiction film, this creation from director Paul McGuigan adds peoples' mistrust of the government to the mix. This movie seeks to play on fears that the government is hiding something from its citizens, and a group of superheroes are tasked with trying to discover the secret.

"Push" makes use of some of Hollywood's finest, with Chris Evans, Dakota Fanning, and Djimon Hounsou starring in key roles. The main premise of the film is that the government wants to create an army of supernatural soldiers through the use of a special drug. The idea for the movie's plot was based around the Stargate Project, which was a United States government project tasked with investigating supernatural powers. Throughout the movie, "Push" showcases nine different types of superheroes, each with one supernatural power. Many of the superheroes' names are linked with their ability.

Watchers have the ability to see the future, although the future continually changes once they have seen it. There is no explanation for why Watchers can sometimes witness future events, except to say that the consumption of alcohol can greatly enhance a Watcher's ability to forecast the future.

Pushers have the potential to be the most dangerous type of superheroes because they can control another person's mind. Pushers are restricted somewhat by their skill level, with more advanced Pushers able to manipulate the minds of many individuals simultaneously. One of the giveaways as to the skill level of a Pusher is the dilation of the eye pupils: Pushers with hugely dilated pupils have immense powers.

Another type of superhero is a Bleeder, who can burst another person's blood vessels simply by sending out high-pitched sounds. As with a Pusher, a Bleeder's pupils give away the level of ability. In this case, a Bleeder's pupils will shrink in order to protect the Bleeder's own blood vessels.

Just as their name suggests, Sniffs can pick up the location of a person or object. A Sniff's ability to track someone is enhanced by previous encounters with that individual. Shifters have the ability to change the appearance of a particular object. This is done through creating an illusion around the object that changes the light patterns surrounding it.
Wipers possess an ability that can come in handy during a kidnapping: erase a memory. One drawback is that there is the chance of an important memory being wiped out if the process goes wrong.

Shadows are unlike any other type of superhero because they can weaken the powers of other superheroes by creating an area of darkness around a target location. Stitchers have the ability to heal. However, this also works in reverse as Stitchers have the ability to hurt someone by returning them to a weakened state.

Young and up-and-coming actress, Dakota Fanning, tackles one of her first major roles in an adult movie with her performance as Cassie Holmes. Lead actor, Chris Evans, who plays the role of Nick Gant, brings his experience to the film because of his previous roles in superhero films such as "Fantastic Four."

The year after "Push" was released, it was announced that a television series would be produced based on the film. Summit Entertainment, E1 Entertainment, and Icon Productions agreed to contribute toward the television project, with screenwriter David Hayter one of the first crew signed on. Many of the film's stars were not keen on returning for a television series due to other commitments, but the plot is flexible enough to allow the introduction of brand new characters.

"Push" provides plenty of lighthearted moments even though the plot is quite serious. There are only a handful of action scenes, but they are well-choreographed and do not diverge from the plot. The moderate success that "Push" had at the box office may seem to be unsuccessful from the point of view of movie critics, but if a television series is made as a result, then the film can be considered a success.

Rating: 3 out of 5