MRR Movie Review: Storage 24


MRR Movie Review: Storage 2

-- Rating: R
Length: 87 minutes
Release Date: January 11, 2013
Directed by: Johannes Roberts
Genre: Horror, Sci-Fi

Originally released last summer in the United Kingdom and Ireland, "Storage 24" is finally getting released for American audiences. The film combines elements from different sci-fi and horror films in the hopes of creating something unexpected. Nearly everyone has some experience with a storage unit, and this film hopes to make viewers think twice the next time that they find themselves alone in one.

Charlie (Noel Clarke, "Doghouse") is a normal guy who finds himself heartbroken after his girlfriend Shelley (Antonia Campbell-Hughes) decides to pull the plug on their relationship. After learning that she plans to head to their shared storage unit to get her things, he decides to sneak inside with the help of his friend Mark (Colin O'Donoghue, "The Rite") to beg her for a second chance. What might seem like a lighthearted romantic comedy quickly takes a turn towards something a little darker.

Charlie and Mark hear about a plane crash on their way to the storage unit, but that doesn't stop them from getting inside to see Shelley. Finding her with her friends Chris (Jamie Thomas King) and Nikki (Laura Haddock), he decides that he still wants to win her back. When the power keeps shutting on and off, they find themselves trapped in the storage area. It doesn't take long for the group to realize that they are not alone and that something of an alien origin escaped the crash.

The makers of "Storage 24" clearly did their research because the film plays like a remake of a film from the "Alien" franchise. Those films dealt with an alien creature running loose through a confined space and attacking a group of people. Even the characters feel like something from one of those films. One of the men is so convinced that he's going to die that he seemingly just gives up in the middle of the film, while another character decides to do whatever it takes to save himself, even if it means sacrificing the others.

There is also something very familiar about horror elements in the film. Some of the big scares will leave viewers unfulfilled because they might realize they saw those scares dozens of times in other films. Despite being in the big city, no one has cell phone reception, so the characters must find a way to escape without any help from the outside world. The film does manage to throw in some scares, and even though viewers might anticipate those scenes, they will still jump. One of the most notable moments comes when they find a dead man on the ground. When he suddenly sits upright, viewers will jump too.

The actors in "Storage 24" do a good job of breathing new life into the tired horror film cliches. Clarke is one of the best actors in the film, portraying a man who doesn't understand why his girlfriend left him but wants to do what it takes to win her back. Campbell-Hughes does an equally good job. Though the film doesn't give viewers much of the couple's background, it's easy to understand why she would tire of dating a man who seems more concerned with his friends than his girlfriend.

The other characters suffer problems as a result of the script, which can lead to some confusion. One man might act like a hero in one scene only to turn into a wimp in the next scene, while another character will bounce back and forth between acting like a wimp and a hero. It almost seems like the writers forgot which characters they were writing for when adding new dialogue.

The main issue that some viewers might have is with the CGI work. Though CGI came a long way in recent years, the alien creature in "Storage 24" seems dated. The creature sometimes comes across as something better suited for a television film.

While "Storage 24" has a few issues, they don't detract from its entertainment value. Anyone who ever enjoyed watching a Syfy film with a group of friends will get a kick out of this film. "Storage 24" has characters that viewers can root for and identify with, and it has an interesting plot. Viewers who watch the film might find themselves looking over their shoulders and peering in dark corners the next time they need to take something out of their own storage units.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars