MRR Review: "About Last Night"

Photo Credit: Screen Gems

Rating: R
Length: 100 minutes
Release Date: February 14, 2014
Directed by: Steve Pink
Genre: Comedy / Romance

A remake of the 1986 movie by the same name, "About Last Night" portrays the whirlwind relationships of two couples. Both the original movie and the remake are based off the 1974 play "Sexual Perversity in Chicago." While the 1986 film is set in Chicago to follow in line with the play, the modern version of "About Last Night" takes place in Los Angeles. The other key difference in the 2014 remake is that the cast is made up of African American actresses and actors. While some differences set the two movies apart, one thing remains the same: This flick shows what happens when a one-night stand turns into a relationship.

"About Last Night" has all the elements of an ideal romantic comedy. There is enough drama in the two relationships to add interest to the film, and the witty comedy keeps the mood light and the content entertaining. As viewers wade through the two very different types of relationships portrayed in this movie, they relate to the struggles that many people in new relationships face.

Kevin Hart, known for "BET's Comicview" and "Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain," plays the role of Bernie. His lines are snappy and well-timed to bring the right amount of comic relief in times of need and all throughout the movie. Many times, Hart's lines are not meant to be funny, but his mannerisms and actions accompanying the words provide the movie viewer with a laugh or two. Bernie's character is the first to have a one-night stand turn into a relationship; however, his relationship is not all roses and butterflies.

Regina Hall, who claimed fame for her roles in the "Scary Movie" films, keeps Bernie on his toes, as she has the part of his on-again-off-again girlfriend Joan. Her unique perspective of the relationship adds confusion, humor and even drama to "About Last Night." After all, she and Bernie are the first couple to come home from the bar together and navigate the thereafter. This means that together they set the tone for this movie.

On the other side of this movie is a loving couple played by Michael Ealy as Danny and Joy Bryant as Debbie. Ealy has starred in many stage productions and is known for his roles in films such as "Seven Pounds" and "Barbershop," while Bryant made her breakthrough into acting with her performance in Denzel Washington's "Antwone Fisher." Debbie is a friend of Joan, while Danny is Bernie's friend. After Bernie and Joan get together, they introduce their friends so they, too, can engage in the fun. However, Danny and Debbie get serious — much more serious than either of them initially expected. After a passionate night, the "L-bomb" is even dropped. Danny gets grief from Bernie regarding the transaction, and Joan says that she and Debbie should be put into witness protection because Debbie's life is "over" since she said "I love you" first. No matter how much their friends disapprove of the direction of their relationship is taking and how quickly it is going there, their love is sweet and pure, much the opposite of Bernie and Joan's, whose relationship is full of ups and downs.

Viewers watch the two relationships in "About Last Night" unfold in their own different ways. With four main characters, each with their unique take on love, there is a character for every movie-goer to relate to. In contrast, seeing the relationships from every angle allows viewers to see how the game is played from both sides when it comes to one-night stands and relationships, as well.

With an attractive and humorous cast, each member with an impressive resume behind his name, director Steve Pink's rendition of "About Last Night" has the perfect mix of masculine and feminine touches to make the movie interesting. Other films with his name behind them include "Hot Tub Time Machine" and "Accepted," which makes him a successful comedic director and ensures a pleasurable viewing experience for movie-goers.

The ideal date-night movie, "About Last Night" contains sexual content and language, so viewers must be aware of this before watching. However, this content does not take away from the overall enjoyment, humor and overall watchability of this film, though.

Having a tagline such as, "It's about compromise. It's about love. It's about a good wingman" shows that this film is about much more than the friendship between two men and two women. While this friendship is helpful in navigating the world of dating and relationships, it all comes down to one thing: love.

Rating: 3 out of 5