DVD Review: "Alpha Males Experiment"


MRR Review: "Alpha Males Experiment"

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The Alpha Males Experiment is an honest representation of relationships in America and an insightful look into the psyche of the sexes.

Alex Ranarivelo directs this witty romantic comedy with an edge. It starts with the heartbreak of the main antagonist Ethan. His girlfriend of 3 years Heather has had enough of his pursuit to be a director in L.A. and moves out without warning. Luckily his brother Kyle is in town and he vows to turn Ethan back into a respectable, confident man… or an “Alpha Male.”

Even though we can all say “I’ve seen this movie a thousand times”, Alpha Males Experiment is one of the better interpretations of this story. Ross McCall and Paul J. Alessi who portray brothers from New York Ethan and Kyle respectively, play their parts superbly. Ethan is the down and out man who is trying to follow his dream, but wants to keep the love of his life happy.  He’s the guy we root for the whole way and want to speak for him in certain situations (both on dates and on the job) because it’s painful to see him mess it up. Kyle is the older brother who’s been around the block and thinks he has the entire “game” down to a science. Kyle is vulgar, brutal, and outspoken to say the least, but there’s more to the character than you might think. There’s reason and method to his beliefs on relationships and although rough around the edges, we can tell Kyle cares for his brother and the people around him.

The ensemble cast is rounded out nicely with Amie Barsky as hardnosed and good hearted Patricia, Danielle Nicolet as the hard working Renee, Omar Gooding as the fun and loyal Russell, Justin Baldoni as the self-absorbed  artist Gavin, and Jennifer Alden as the heartbreaker Heather. The cast of characters all play their part excellently in the weaving of the story, and you can relate to all of them in some ways if you’ve ever been in a serious relationship, which is the vast majority of the population.

The cinematography is well done as the scenes are kept interesting from different angles and in different locations. The music and score we’re very enjoyable as well as effective in helping tell the story. The editing was clean and utilized well in the movie. The symbolism is well conceived as they use Ethan’s apartment to show the journey of the Ethan character. The empty apartment at the beginning of the movie to the construction and purchase of furniture to make Ethan’s apartment a home is well done.

Kyle’s plan to help his little brother doesn’t seem to have much structure, but a lot of good observations and points are made about relationships through the “7 steps” presented. Most are over the top and obviously driven by Kyle’s characterization that men are predetermined to dominate the female species, and that’s the way females want it. Alpha Males’ strongest point is undoubtedly how it presents the push and pull of power between two people in a relationship. Even if some of the statements are bold and a little extreme, there’s always an element of truth in them. In a culminating scene for the two brothers, Kyle states in reference to his relationship beliefs “I hope I’m wrong man, otherwise this is a sad place we live in”. This statement is not only a turning point for Kyle, but epitomizes what the movie is simply trying to say, relationships are hard. I can confidently state that both sexes should watch Alpha Males Experiment with an open mind and intent to learn about the other.

3 out of 5 stars.