MRR Review: "A Haunted House 2'

Photo Credit: Open Road Films (II)

Rating: R
Length: 87 minutes
Release Date: April 18, 2014
Directed by: Michael Tiddes
Genre: Comedy / Horror

"A Haunted House 2" is the highly anticipated sequel to "A Haunted House." Like the first installment, "A Haunted House 2" follows Malcolm as his home is invaded by evil spirits and the people around him become possessed by demons. However, the second installment features far more nefarious demons and even someone from his past who is out for revenge. With tons of humor and plenty of thrills, "A Haunted House 2" is just as good as the original.

Plot Summary

When "A Haunted House" ended, Malcolm had finally rid himself of his demon-possessed girlfriend, Kisha, and moved out of his home, which was plagued by paranormal activity. "A Haunted House 2" opens with Malcolm starting his life over, free of demons and possessed people. He quickly begins a relationship with a new woman, Megan, and is planning to move in with her and her two children.

After finding their dream home, the family move into a new house. As Malcolm adjusts to his new situation, he begins to notice Megan acting strange. Fearing she has been possessed just like his former girlfriend, Malcolm starts to investigate the strange things that are happening. When Malcolm looks at footage he filmed over the past several weeks, he realizes the children are the ones causing the problems.

To make matters worse, his presumed dead ex-girlfriend, Kisha, moves in next door. As the situation gets worse, Malcolm struggles to defend his house and new family from the demons threatening to ruin his new life. However, the evil spirits that have invaded his life once again fight back in a deadly way.


In "A Haunted House 2," Marlon Wayans returns to play Malcolm Johnson. His performance is just as funny and memorable as it was in the original film. Cedric the Entertainer also returns as Father Doug Williams, who once again performs the exorcisms. Unfortunately, Chip, a psychic from the first film, makes only a brief cameo in the second installment. The very funny Jaime Pressly plays Malcolm's current girlfriend, Megan. The onscreen chemistry between Pressly and Wayans is absolutely fantastic.

The film also has several supporting cast members that add a few interesting subplots. Gabriel Iglesias, who plays Malcolm's next door neighbor and ultimately teams up with him to take down the demons, does an excellent job and his comedic timing is impeccable.

Film Comparison

"A Haunted House" and "A Haunted House 2" have nearly identical plotlines. In both films, Malcolm's home is invaded by evil spirits and someone close to him is possessed by a demon. However, in the second installment, the addition of the children and the return of Kisha create more complications, which provides more laughs and thrills.

Surprisingly, "A Haunted House 2" is far from predictable despite being similar to the original film. For example, in the second installment, instead of investigating a strange noise as is the case in many horror movies, Malcolm ignores what is happening around him, making the situation worse. The characters are also responsible for just as many strange occurrences as the evil spirits. This makes it hard to tell exactly when certain characters become possessed by demons, which makes the film more suspenseful.

In addition to having similar plotlines, both films feature the "documentary-style" technique that has become a popular trend in horror movies where the characters film the on-screen action. However, unlike the original film that had a unique, and hilarious, reason for the characters to be filming themselves, "A Haunted House 2" simply replicates the filming technique of the "Paranormal Activity" film series. Unfortunately, this is a missed opportunity for originality in the second script, but the movie provides enough laughs that this does not detract too much from the film.

Although "A Haunted House" spoofed only a few horror films, "A Haunted House 2" makes many hilarious references to the most recent and popular horror films. For example, the plot closely follows several of the major events that occur in "Paranormal Activity 4." In addition, there are spoofs of scenes from "Sinister," "The Conjuring" and "Insidious," just to name a few. This provides much more material for the script, which makes the film far more funny and entertaining than the original film.

"A Haunted House 2" features great comedic acting and a variety of humorous scenes. The film manages to combine just enough thrills and suspense to keep the audience guessing in between fits of laughter. With the same basic plotline but more spoofs of popular horror films, "A Haunted House 2" is even better than the first installment.