MRR Review: "The Right Kind of Wrong"

Photo Credit: Magnolia Pictures

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Rating: R (sexual content, nudity and language)
Length: 97 minutes
Release Date: March 14, 2014
Directed by: Jeremiah S. Chechik
Genre: Romantic Comedy

"The Right Kind of Wrong" promotes the benefits of optimism and positivity. A secondary theme of each person being the right person for someone provides the inspiration for the film's title. Leo agrees with most of his ex-wife's insults and chooses to live by his ideals in spite of her jabs. At the same time, he feels strongly that he can achieve his goals without giving up his dreams. When Leo first sees Colette on the way to her wedding, he is sure she is the right woman for him. After observing Colette's perfect fiancé Danny, Leo is even more sure that he will win her over. Danny's rugged good looks, great job and generous nature leave no room for the type of flaws that make people interesting. Leo sets out to learn everything he can about Colette and to insinuate himself into her life.

Actor Ryan Kwanten portrays Leo with just the right touch of self-deprecating humility, artless optimism and bullish determination. Leo represents the perfect underdog. He has been unfairly portrayed as the ultimate loser by his wife and had his writing career stifled by the interests of big business. Movie viewers find themselves emphasizing with Leo's woes and rooting for him in his pursuit of Colette. Actress Sara Canning in the role of Colette likewise creates a likable character with a strong personality and plenty of determination of her own. Colette's occasional bursts of temper and quick wits cloak a quirky, anti-establishment dreamer with the right kind of wrong to possibly make her the perfect match Leo believes her to be. Ryan McPartlin plays Colette's perfect spouse Danny creating a caricature of the ideal man while letting a hint of the comedic villain shine through.

Director Jeremiah Chechik, who previously worked on "Benny and Joon" and "The Avengers," does a great job of bringing out the action and humor in Megan Martin's screenplay, which was adapted from the novel "Sex and Sunsets" by Tim Sandlin. A series of dramatic feats, peppered with slapstick humor, hold viewer interest as the plot develops. A plethora of supporting roles adds further depth. These include Colette's mom Tess, played by Catherine O'Hara, who lends Leo her continuous support and sprinkles the dialog with one liners that are consistently laugh-out-loud funny. Danny's best friends, both named Troy, make excellent comedic villains, and Leo's eccentric Indian boss and his cute, precocious kids provide plenty of entertainment value.

"The Right Kind of Wrong" was produced in Canada and released at the Toronto International Film Festival. The bulk of the movie was filmed at Banff National Park in Alberta and features breathtaking shots of the park's gorgeous scenery. A recurring image of a spirit or ghost bear, a large white variation of the black bear, roams through the film's imagery paying homage to the area's native cultures. Myths relate the appearance of a spirit bear to the pursuit of impossible dreams. This provides an excellent tie with the movie's theme of pursuing dreams even when it is not easy. The movie was also nominated for a Canadian Film Award in the area of achievement in music for the original song "It's No Mistake."

Rating: 3 out of 5