MRR Review: "Some Girl(s)"

Photo Credit: Leeden Media

MRR Review: "Some Girl(s)"

Rating: Unrated
Length: 90 minutes
Release Date: March 9, 2013
Directed by: Daisy von Scherler Mayer
Genre: Comedy/Drama

Relationships are complicated, and not everyone gets closure when one ends. With "Some Girl(s)," director Daisy von Scherler Mayer assumes that viewers will understand why one man feels the need to connect to the women he dated in the past. Playwright Neil LaBute wrote the original play "Some Girl(s)," and he adapted his work for the big screen. Many of the elements from the play are in the film, including the main character known only as Man.

Man (Adam Brody, "The O.C.") makes a living as a writer, but he wonders about the women he left behind. He ventures off on a journey of self-discovery, meeting with the women who made an impact in his life. Sam (Jennifer Morrison, "Once Upon a Time") was his great high-school love, and while he thinks about her fondly, she doesn't necessarily feel the same way. She lets him know that even though she married another man, she still feels brokenhearted at the way he left.

Though their meeting doesn't go smoothly, he decides to continue his journey. He hops on planes to fly across the country, meeting with different women he broke up with over the course of his life. Each woman tells him how she feels, and through these interactions, viewers discover how the character became the man he is today.

Those who think the plot of "Some Girl(s)" sounds like the plot of "High Fidelity" are right, but Adam Brody doesn't seem to have the same onscreen presence as John Cusack did in that film. Brody made a career out of playing the quirky and nerdy guy who loves comic books as much as he loves women, and that persona comes to life in this film too, but some viewers will find that the character is a little too much to take in one sitting.

The real highlights of the film are the women he visits. Morrison is a classic beauty, and while she looks like the type of woman who wouldn't glance twice in Brody's direction, she makes viewers believe that the two once shared a great love. When she admits that she married her husband despite having feelings for another man, more than a few people in the audience will understand what she means.

Everyone tends to have someone they view in a positive light after a breakup. Those lost loves are the ones who helped each of us become great men and women, but even after marrying and having kids, some people cannot move on from a past relationship. "Some Girl(s)" wants viewers to put themselves in Brody's shoes and ask what they would do if they found themselves unable to have a fulfilling relationship because of what happened in the past.

The only real problem is that the film tries to force too many stories into the plot. In the similarly themed "High Fidelity," the film spent a few minutes showing Cusack with his past loves before focusing on his life and why he wanted to know what happened in his older relationships. This film seems to jump from one woman to the next without really explaining why the character cares. Though it does show that he has asked his girlfriend to marry him, it doesn't really focus on why his past girlfriends would impact his future.

However, the film does a fantastic job of showing how two people can view the end of a relationship in different ways. In Man's eyes, those relationships were bright and happy without any flaws. He even writes an article in a major magazine that details the women who made such an impression on him. Once he meets with each woman, he learns that none of his relationships were happy or satisfying to those women, who clearly have unresolved issues with the way he left them.

Man is a completely unsympathetic character who seems confused and uncertain when it comes time to sit down with an ex-love. He has no clue that his cheating and negative attitude left these women feeling unhappy and blaming themselves when he left. The film even touches on the idea that he might look up his exes because he thinks one of them is better suited for him than the woman he plans to marry.

Though "Some Girl(s)" is a comedy, it plays more like a drama. Viewers will find themselves dropped into the lives of a character known simply as Man as he embarks on a journey to discover why his past relationships didn't work. The themes of the film will resonate in the mind of anyone who has ever looked up an ex.

Rating: 3 out of 5