Quick Hit Movie Review: Skyfall


Quick Hit Movie Reviews: 'Skyfall' - After 50 years and six different actors saying, “Bond, James Bond”, you would think it would get a little old, but the new movie ‘Skyfall’ does not disappoint. Daniel Craig gives a fantastic performance as the aging James Bond who struggles with “losing his touch” while trying to save M (Judi Dench ) from an evil genius. A unique film in the series void of most of the usual tech gadgets, but still contains three Bond favorites: beautiful women (Naomie Harris,Bérénice Lim Marlohe), beautiful cars (1965 Aston Martin DB5), and an unforgettable villain (Javier Bardem).

Theater vs. Digital Release: I vote see it in the theater because it deserves the intensity only the big screen can deliver!

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