Quick Hit Review: "Iron Man 3"


Iron Man 3 Quick Hit Review

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The first movie for the Marvel Universe after the astonishing success of last years’ The Avengers, could only be the next Iron Man adventure. Iron Man is now the backbone of Marvel’s cinematic success. I would say half of the credit for that success goes to Robert Downey Jr. I am in agreement with the majority of the comic book movie fanboys, RDJ IS Tony Stark/Iron Man. We all know his talent, his past, and his resurgence and frankly he owes just as much to the Iron Man franchise as it does to him. These movies are a perfect vehicle for his talent, and it’s just so enjoyable to watch him work. “Iron Man 3” is no exception.

“Iron Man 3” delivers in so many ways. First, it doesn’t try to go for the “grand slam” like so many other unsuccessful threequels have done in the past. “Iron Man 3” actually does a great job of amping up some elements while bringing the character of Tony Stark back to his roots. Through the majority of the movie Tony is alone with a broken Iron Man suit and has to survive on his intelligence and ingenuity. This was a brilliant move by the writers and the director Shane Black. It keeps the audience engaged with Tony Stark and compelled by the overall arc of the story.

The backbone of these movies for me is the love story between Tony and Gwyneth Paltrow’s “Pepper Potts.” Tony and Pepper are a superb on-screen couple as they are enjoyable, they make each other better, and they just look good together. This relationship is again ever present in “Iron Man 3,” creating solid motivation for Robert Downey Jr.’s character throughout the film. I was simply happy to see the furthering of this relationship, and the two actors that portray the characters.

Iron Man 3 of course has some flaws, as a fan boy there’s one twist that was disappointing. I don’t want to say anything that would be a spoiler, but I will say that both Ben Kingsley and Guy Pearce do a superb job of acting in this film. Overall I give a lot of credit to the Marvel team, to the director Shane Black who’s style and essence is all over this film (and it works!), as well as the actors. Iron Man 3 was a superb kick-off to the 2013 Summer Movie Season, and if you’re a human (or even if not), it’s very likely you’ll enjoy this film.

4 out of 5 stars