Quick Hits Movie Review:‭ ‬“The Great Gatsby‭”


I had read this book as a sophomore in High School,‭ ‬sadly many years ago,‭ ‬and I didn‭’‬t much understand the importance of the novel.‭ ‬Seeing the film years later,‭ ‬I was captivated by the brilliance of the writing and the story.‭ ‬The way the characters interacted,‭ ‬the way they spoke,‭ ‬and the words they used made this film so enjoyable to watch.‭ ‬“Old Sport‭”‬,‭ ‬a phrase we all use to poke fun at pretentious rich folk,‭ ‬was used gracefully by Jay Gatsby‭ (‬Leonardo‭ ‬DiCaprio‭) ‬throughout the film.‭ ‬Deep thoughts in poems read aloud by Nick Carraway‭ (‬Tobey Maguire‭) ‬in the doctor‭’‬s office while remembering his time spent with Gatsby was about as wonderful as American poetry gets.‭ 

Believe it or not,‭ ‬the whole film had a very psychedelic feel to it.‭ ‬The way they used the camera and the way everyone behaved,‭ ‬gave you such a dream-like sensation.‭ ‬The way Daisy and Tom Buchanan‭ (‬Carey Mulligan,‭ ‬Joel Edgerton‭) ‬acted sends you back to early New York when the rich of the rich played Polo in the backyard while discussing their latest achievements.‭ ‬Where the parties were large and glamorous beyond belief and‭ ‬everything seemed perfect for everyone.‭ 

The one issue I had with‭ ‬the film was the use of music.‭ ‬Director Baz Luhrmann uses a mixture of time period swing and jazz‭ ‬music with modern day hip-hop.‭ ‬I didn‭’‬t really see why he did this other than to try to‭ ‬get the attention of the younger audience.‭ ‬In a film about the‭ ‬20‭'‬s in New York,‭ ‬I don‭’‬t need to hear a Jay-Z or Beyonce song.‭ ‬Other than that I thought the film was fantastic.

Theater vs.‭ ‬Home Release:‭ ‬Honestly it was great seeing it in the theater but this film would be just as good on your TV.‭