Quick Hits Movie Review:‭ ‬“Despicable Me‭ ‬2‭”

Photo Credit: © 2013 - Universal Pictures

One word:‭ ‬Amazing‭! ‬Pierre Coffin directed the first film back in‭ ‬2010‭ ‬and‭ ‬now he continues his success with‭ ‬“Despicable Me‭ ‬2‭”‬.‭ ‬Did I mention that he also does the voice of most of the‭ ‬beloved minions‭? ‬Well he does.‭ ‬Not only did Pierre return for round two but so did Steve Carell who voices the‭ ‬“skinny-fat‭”‬ lead character Gru.‭ ‬Miranda Cosgrove‭ ‬returned as the voice of Margo,‭ ‬and Russell Brand as Dr.‭ ‬Nefario.‭ ‬We also get some new talent in this film as veteran comic Kristen Wiig voices Anti-Villain League agent Lucy and Benjamin Bratt voices the Mexican Villain El Macho.‭ 

In the film,‭ ‬Gru‭ (‬Carell‭) ‬has settled in quite nicely to his new life as a father of his three girls.‭  ‬When given the chance to show he still has it though,‭ ‬he joins Lucy and the AVL‭ (‬Anti-Villain League‭) ‬in order to help them find the new mastermind criminal who is threatening the world.‭  ‬With the help of Lucy,‭ ‬Dr.‭ ‬Nefario,‭ ‬and the amazing Minions,‭ ‬Gru tries to help save the world instead of destroying it.‭ ‬Will he still have what it takes to think like a villain and save the world‭?

What can I say,‭ ‬I really enjoyed this film.‭ ‬Without a doubt I would say the best part‭ ‬of this film is watching the Minions do their thing.‭ ‬I laughed constantly‭ ‬at the things they were saying and doing.‭ ‬I‭ ‬sense a Minions movie‭ ‬in the near future.‭ 

The whole cast did a phenomenal job and the animation was as perfect as it gets.‭ ‬This is without a doubt the family movie of the summer and one of‭ ‬the biggest films of the year.‭ ‬I highly suggest you check out‭ ‬“Despicable Me‭ ‬2‭”‬.

Theater vs.‭ ‬Home Release:‭ ‬Theater‭!