Quick Hits Movie Review: "The Croods"


Quick Hits Movie Review:‭ ‬"The Croods"

When I decided to see The Croods I thought I might as well see it during the day as to avoid all the‭ ‬kids screaming in the theater.‭ ‬The only problem with this is the fact that all the schools happened to be on spring break‭! ‬At first I was upset with myself but then decided that maybe this would be a great experience to see a movie with the target demographic.‭ ‬As I sat there with a hundred kids and their parents‭ ‬viewing The Croods,‭ ‬I must say that‭ ‬my experience was enhanced from seeing it with the‭ ‬youthful‭ ‬crowd.

As the children laughed at dozens of scenes,‭ ‬I felt the sheer excitement in the theater and it‭ ‬gave me a sense that DreamWorks had done it again.‭ ‬The‭ ‬film is about a family of cavemen lead by their father Grug‭ (‬Nicholas Cage‭) ‬who spends his days protecting his family.‭ ‬That‭’‬s his main function in life,‭ ‬to protect his family.‭ ‬Unconventionally,‭ ‬his daughter Eep‭ (‬Emma Stone‭) ‬defies‭ ‬Grug and fights to satisfy her thirst for adventure in the unknown world.‭ ‬This is where the story picks up and the adventure begins.

The Croods is‭ ‬a‭ ‬film fit for everyone and‭ ‬specifically a great film for kids.‭ ‬The animation is beautiful and the characters are well voiced,‭ ‬especially Gran who is voiced by‭ ‬the legendary‭ ‬talent‭ ‬Cloris Leachman,‭ ‬whom I had the‭ ‬pleasure of‭ ‬interviewing recently.‭ ‬I give the film four stars and applaud DreamWorks for their continuous years of‭ ‬producing‭ ‬great films.

Theater vs.‭ ‬Home Release:‭ ‬Take your kids,‭ ‬or your niece and nephew,‭ ‬to see it in the theater.

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