Quick Hits Movie Review: Dark Skies


Quick Hits Movie Review: “Dark Skies”

If you’ve seen the trailer for Dark Skies, you've seen the scenes where the birds fly into the window and where the husband is standing on the lawn in a trance with his jaw dropped...well for me that trailer kind of ruined most of the scary parts.  I guess that happens with a lot of horror movies though, you’ve got to promote the terror!  Other than that, I enjoyed Dark Skies. It was not the scariest movie I have ever seen, and the story about aliens invading is a little overdone, but It had a great cast and they kept the special effects grounded enough to stay believable.  I bet that is due to director Scott Stewart who worked on effects for great films like Mars Attacks! and Mercury Rising.

The acting in the film was very good, especially Keri Russell who plays Lacy Barrett .  Lacy and her husband Daniel (Josh Hamilton) have two children: Jesse (Dakota Goyo) and Sam (Kadan Rockett).  After experiencing extremely strange and unexplainable phenomenon, the two parents seek out the help of an expert named Edwin Pollard (J.K. Simmons). Seeing J.K. Simmons in a non-comedy role is amazing, yet leaves you waiting for a quick one-liner from him.  After talking with him they learn about what is causing these crazy things to happen, and the family must then ride this terror storm out together in hopes that they will all survive.

Dark Skies is a good film that will keep your attention, scare you at times, and have you wondering about what could happen to anyone at anytime.

Pros- Keri Russell.  Her performance was fantastic and really holds the film together.
Cons- The story is a tad cliché and I wasn’t that impressed with how they ended the film.

Theater vs. Home Release: Go see it in the theater.