Quick Hits Movie Review: "Escape from Planet Earth"

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A 3D animated family adventure comedy film set on the fictional planet of Baab where admired astronaut Scorch Supernova (voiced by Brendan Fraser) is a national hero to the blue alien population. A master of daring rescues, Scorch pulls off astonishing feats with the quiet aid of his nerdy brother, Gary (voiced by Rob Corddry), head of mission control at BASA. Jessica Alba, Sarah Jessica Parker, William Shatner & Jane Lynch also voice characters in the story.

Quick Hits Movie Review: "Escape from Planet Earth" -

"Megamind", "Monsters Inc"., "Despicable Me", those are just a few of the amazing kid friendly movies that have come out recently. "Escape from Planet Earth" is the latest attempt at bending our imagination and creating some new loveable characters for the whole family to enjoy. For me though, the film just didn't have the story to make a great film. It did have great acting talent including: Rob Corddry (Hot Tub Time Machine) who played the nerdy brother Gary Supernova, Brendan Fraser (The Mummy) who played the strong heroic brother Scorch Supernova, plus top notch actors like Jessica Alba, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sofía Vergara, Ricky Gervais, and the hilarious Craig Robinson who plays Doc. There definitely was more star power in this film than needed, and they probably should have spent more time and money developing the mediocre story.

The film is about two brothers Gary and Scorch who end up imprisoned in Area 51 on planet Earth. The couple along with their new alien buddies have to fight their way out of the evil grip of General Shanker’s (William Shatner) hands. The loveable, but apprehensive, Gary needs to step it up and help out on a mission he never thought he would take.

"Escape from Planet Earth" is a solid kids movie with plenty of action and quick kid humor, but it doesn't stand up to some of it's animated predecessors.

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