Quick Hits Movie Review: Jack Reacher


Quick Hits Movie Review: "Jack Reacher"

This is the second movie this week I have seen that is filmed in the great city of Pittsburgh, PA; the other being 2011‘s "Abduction" starring Taylor Lautner.  Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher definitely beat the "Twilight" star’s film, but it is just another action flick.  The one main thing I liked about this movie is how real it felt.  Believe it or not the stunts, the story, and the characters all felt real to me, and not over done.  Rosamund Pike who played Helen did a nice job as a supporting character, and I have always liked Richard Jenkins in every role he does. 

The film has all the characteristics of a good action film including: an insane amount of violence, a great car chase, and a beautiful woman.  The one thing that they left out, which I liked, was a crazy amount of new age technology.  All in all it is a good film, and if you like action movies you will enjoy it.

Theater vs. Home Release:  I would wait for Home Release.