Quick Hits Movie Review: Zero Dark Thirty


Quick Hits Movie Review: Zero Dark Thirty

-- All Americans ‘of age’ should get going to the theater to see "Zero Dark Thirty." It is quite disturbing at times, but since it is based on true events, it clearly has significant meaning. At the end of the film, I took a huge, deep breath because I realized I hadn’t taken one in a while. "Zero Dark Thirty" also made me realize how proud I am of our country, specifically of Maya, the WOMAN in the CIA who discovered Bin Laden’s location, as well as Navy S.E.A.L. Team Six. To all the people in this world who give up their own lives to search for terrorists in order to avoid more attacks on our country, thank you.

Main actress, Jessica Chastain, is phenomenal in all of her films and especially this one. She pulls you in from the start with her natural beauty, but quickly proves she’s more than a pretty face. I think this is her best film to date, and I believe her recent Best Actress Oscar nomination for "Zero Dark Thirty" is very well deserved. I wouldn’t be surprised if she walked away with the win.

Go see this movie in the theater, please.

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