Review of The Cup


Movie Review: "The Cup"

--Rating: Unrated
Length: 106 minutes
Release Date: October 13, 2011
Directed by: Simon Wincer
Genre: Drama

Sometimes being a champion isn't about winning. That is the theme of "The Cup," which tells the true tale of Damien Oliver, who is regarded as one of the best jockeys of all time. Oliver was born into a racing family. His father was the famous jockey Ray Oliver. Ray had a successful career until he lost his life during a race. Similarly, Damien's brother lost his life when a horse he was racing broke its two front legs and threw him. This amazing story is brought to life on film.

The movie begins on the highest of highs. Brothers Damien and Jason Oliver are celebrating. Damien has just been awarded the ScobieBreasley Medal, which is a pretty amazing accomplishment. Damien has it all. He is young, handsome and successful. He has a loving family and a stunning girlfriend. His life is grand, and everyone is happy. However, things are not always what they seem.

Damien has many internal struggles. His father's death haunts him, and he is not even sure he wants to keep racing. Things get worse when Jason is killed in a tragic racing accident. Damien finds it difficult to cope with another death. His family members urge him to stop racing, but it is in his blood. He must overcome his family history and find the courage to succeed.

Stephen Curry plays Damien with strength and courage. He is a solid actor with experience in both television and film. He brings just the right amount of emotional depth to the character and is completely believable in this role. He is able to draw the audience in and form a real connection with his character. His performance is honest, and his emotional range is impressive. He is the perfect choice for the lead role in this film.

Respected actor Brendan Gleeson was drawn to "The Cup" by the story. He said, "There is something exciting about this true story that doesn't happen very often. Everyone comes out of it enhanced. There is a lack of cynicism. It is a story that transcends sport." Gleeson brings his years of experience to the table, and the result is an inspirational character that becomes the voice of wisdom.

Daniel Macpherson plays the late Jason Oliver with life, love and energy. Macpherson portrays his character as the man any person would love to have as a brother or friend. He is lively, entertaining and full of spirit. With his wide smile and delightful laugh, he is a welcome addition to the cast.

Damien Oliver's love interest is played by Jodi Gordon. Gordon is known for her modeling and television acting roles. For the part in this film, she lightened her hair and spent time with the real Trish Oliver. She is absolutely stunning on screen. She is committed to her character and delivers a thoughtful performance. Gordon is never flat, and she is the perfect complement to Curry. The two have chemistry and play off each other well.

Simon Wincer has directed many acclaimed movies. He is respected in Australia and throughout the world. He has been directing for over 30 years, and he brings his experience to "The Cup." This film is beautifully shot, with strong imagery and striking scenery. The racing segments are amazingly realistic. New shots are combined with archival images to produce the tragic scenes. This film is brilliantly executed, and Wincer does an excellent job of bringing the characters to life. The pace is just right, and the movie feels true to life.

The story of Damien Oliver culminates at the 2002 Melbourne Cup. Damien is set to race just days after losing his brother. The two were very close, and the film does an amazing job of depicting the bond between the two. The drama intensifies as Damien's internal struggles mount. Family tension escalates, and his future is uncertain. His trainer thinks he should race. His loved ones are genuinely scared. There could be a curse on his family. It all seems too much for him at times. Can he find a reason to go on?

This is a touching story about looking within and finding strength when all hope seems lost. It is a film that can be enjoyed by people from all age groups. The film is full of love, hope and inspiration. Human beings are capable of amazing things, and that is showcased in this picture.

The performances are strong, and the images are beautiful. "The Cup" is one of those movies that will find a special place in the hearts of audience members young and old. It is absolutely a must-see film.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

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