Review of Knight and Day


Movie Review: "Knight and Day"

-- Rating: PG-13 (sequences of action violence and brief strong language)
Length: 109 minutes
Release Date: June 23, 2011
Directed By: James Mangold
Genre: Action/Adventure/Comedy

"Knight and Day" is a romantic action comedy starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. June Havens (Diaz) refurbishes old cars for a living. She is fixing up her deceased father's classic car as a wedding gift to her sister and is on her way back home to Boston after picking up some parts for the car in Wichita, Kansas.

Havens reaches the gate for her flight home and is told that it is overbooked, even though she has a confirmed flight. While walking through the airport terminal, she isn't paying attention to where she is going and runs into Roy Miller (Cruise). Miller is a spy on the run. Federal agent John Fitzgerald, who is played by Peter Sarsgaard, has been monitoring Miller. Fitzgerald believes Havens is working with Miller and places her back on the flight list, and she is allowed to board.

Once Havens boards the plane, she realizes there are only a few people on board. She orders a drink and sits back to relax, with Miller sitting a few rows behind her. The two begin to chat during the flight, and Miller charms Havens. When she gets up from her seat to freshen up in the bathroom, Miller kills all of the passengers and crew on board. Havens leaves the bathroom, and Miller confronts her, telling her that everyone is dead. She thinks he is joking until Miller returns to the cockpit, and Havens notices the dead bodies of the pilot and co-pilot.

The plane begins to experience turbulence, and Havens returns to her seat. This is when Havens notices the other dead bodies on the plane. Miller attempts to land the plane on his own, and ends up in a cornfield after avoiding a transfer truck on the highway. He hands Havens a drink and tells her that authorities may question her on her involvement with him. He gives her strict orders not to get into a vehicle with anyone and not to speak to the authorities. Miller has spiked Havens' drink with a knockout drug, and she wakes up in her own home. Havens is dazed and confused, unsure how she got there, and is wondering if the whole thing was a dream.

Havens meets her sister, Amy (Maggie Grace), to try on bridesmaid dresses. The two begin talking about their dad's car and Havens learns that Amy wants to sell it. Havens leaves the shop and is approached by FBI agents, who want to question her about her involvement with Miller. Miller shows up, begins shooting and rescues Havens from the agents.

Havens is scared and escapes to find her ex-boyfriend, Rodney (Marc Blucas). The two meet at a restaurant. She explains the story to Rodney, and he believes she is suffering from the stress of Amy's wedding. Miller shows up once again and tells Havens that they have to stay together. He tells Rodney to stay in the booth, handcuffs Havens and shoots Rodney in the leg. Miller explains to Havens that she will be safer if she stays with him. Havens agrees to follow Miller to go pick up a perpetual energy battery, called the Zephyr, which was created by Simon Feck (Paul Dano). They arrive where Miller left Feck, but he is not there. Once again, the two are attacked. Miller once again drugs Havens and takes her safely to an island he calls home. Havens' cell phone rings and she sees her sister's number. By answering the call she leads the agents to Miller's home, where they try to kill Havens and Miller.

Miller knocks out Havens and puts her on a train heading to the Alps. She wakes up in the train car alone and decides to get food. In the dining car, she meets Bernhard (Falk Hentschel) who she believes is Feck. She discovers a message on the bottom of her shoe and learns that Bernhard is not Feck. She flees from Bernhard, who is knocked out of a window by Miller and dies. Havens is picked up by CIA agents and eventually turns Miller in to the authorities. She returns home to attend her sister's wedding.

At home, her phone rings with the ringtone she used for Miller. His parents used his phone to call her. She goes to their home and learns that his real name is Matthew Knight. They now believe he is dead. There is no trace of Miller and the Zephyr. Havens believes Miller is still alive, so she tricks the agents into believing she has the Zephyr. They take her, give her truth serum and learn that she does not have the Zephyr, after all. Miller shows up, and the two are happy to see one another. The Zephyr is unstable and blows up. Miller suffers a gunshot wound and wakes up in the hospital.

Havens drugs Miller, and he wakes up in the restored car, which belonged to Havens' father. The two of them drive off along the coast. The movie is a romantic comedy with plenty of action scenes to keep viewers interested.

Rating 3 out of 5 stars