Review of Life Happens


Movie Review: "Life Happens"

--Rating: R (sexual content)
Length: 100 minutes
Release Date: April 13, 2012
Directed by: Kim Coiro
Genre: Comedy

It has been said that life happens when people are making other plans. That's the theme of the new film "Life Happens." This comedy follows young, trendy Kim and her roommates. They are a free-spirited, partying group, and they love to have fun. That is exactly what gets Kim into trouble. She has a wild fling with a cute professional surfer. Fast forward more than nine months, and she has become a single mother to a baby boy. With no father in the picture, Kim is on her own with the child. She does occasionally have the help of her friends, but they aren't exactly ready to leave the single life behind.

Kim tries to balance motherhood, work, and dating but makes a mess of things. Her boss is obnoxious, her baby is high-maintenance, and she lies to the potential man of her dreams. Things get complicated quickly as Kim struggles to deal with everything on her plate.

Gorgeous Krysten Ritter plays the lead in this charming comedy. She is adorably funny in this role, which is a bit of a departure for her. Krysten usually plays the weird girl who is kind of out there. "Life Happens" gives her the chance to be a lead character who is a smart, hip, resourceful girl who anyone would want as a best friend. When the film begins, Kat is an immature girl with nothing more on her mind than a good time. As thing progress, her character matures and grows. Krysten handles this complicated character with ease. She remains likeable and sweet even in the most desperate circumstances. The audience is able to identify with Kim and her struggle to become an adult.

Kristen Johnston brings her strong comedic chops to the table as Kim's demanding boss, Francesca. Francesca is the stereotypical boss, and is very demanding. She burdens Kim with one insane command after another. She's gruff, selfish, and completely crazy. In short, she is just what this film needs. Johnston pulls off this character with a mix of Cruella Deville and Kathleen Turner. She delights as the loveable, yet hated boss.

No romantic comedy would be complete without fun supporting characters. Kate Bosworth and Rachel Bilson play the best friends and roommates. Bosworth's character Deena is beautiful, sarcastic, and self-absorbed. She serves as a reminder of who Kim would have been if she had not become a mother. The contrast between the two girls propels the story and adds to the conflict. Their strong friendship is evident throughout as Deena pretends to be the baby' real mother. It's nice to see a film where friends are really there for each other. Bilson portrays virginal Laura. She plays the part with sass and sweetness. She often becomes the third wheel, but her character rounds out the group and makes this a film with a little something for everyone.

Of course a heroine needs a heart to win, and Geoff Stults fills that role nicely as Nicholas. He is tall, dark, handsome, and almost single. Kim is knocked over the head by Cupid, which makes her do crazy things like lie about having a baby. One look at Stults and it's easy to see why Kim manages to dig herself a great big hole. Nicholas is some impressive eye candy, and he's a really nice guy to boot. This is the kind of guy Kim should be with, and the audience is sure to root for this twosome.

Relative new-comer Kat Coiro penned the script with star Krysten Ritter. She also served as director and a producer on the project. Her sense of humor and understanding of relationships really shines through. The script is entertaining and full of memorable moments. This is a woman who understands women. She even lends her husband to the film as Kim's one-night stand. The result of their collaboration is a wonderful comedy that is sure to become a favorite of audiences everywhere.

This film is not all for the girls. Jason Biggs from "American Pie" is hilarious in his role as Nicholas' divorce attorney. The incredibly clueless character steals nearly every scene he is in. Biggs is perfectly cast in the role. Justin Kirk provides some needed comic relief as Henri. He plays the guy who is overly confident for seemingly no reason. He hits on Deena and interprets her snappy comebacks as flirting. The two play off each other well, and the tension works for the film.

This movie is energetic, fun, youthful and hilarious. It is the perfect flick for a date night or an evening out with friends.