Review of Tyler Perry's Good Deeds


Movie Review: "Tyler Perry's Good Deeds" --

Rating: Rated PG for sexual content, language, some violence and thematic material
Length: 110 minutes
Release Date: February 24, 2012
Directed By: Tyler Perry
Genre: Comedy/Drama/Romance
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

Wesley Deeds (Tyler Perry) is the rich heir to the Deeds Corporation, a highly successful software company that his father built from the ground up. Wesley is a fifth-generation Ivy League graduate. From the time he was born, his life seemed planned. His mother raised him to be a gentleman. His father expected him to take over the software company. Wesley has a beautiful fiancé named Natalie (Gabrielle Union), who is a real estate broker within the city. The two live together in a plush San Francisco apartment. Their lives together seem predictable, and they seem to be bound together by social class more than by love.

Every day of their lives together seems orchestrated. Natalie cooks Wesley breakfast before the two head off to work. One morning, Wesley makes an unpredictable stop on the way to work to see his delinquent younger brother Walter (Brian White). Wesley informs his brother that they are going to have lunch with their mother, Wilimena (Phylicia Rashad). During lunch, Wilimena lectures Walter about his DUIs and being irresponsible. As tension mounts in the restaurant, on the other side of town, Lindsey Wakefield (Thandie Newton) has discovered that she will soon lose her apartment. Lindsey is a single mother who works as the housekeeper for the Deeds Corporation. Upon her arrival at the company to pick up her check, she can't find a place to park. She leaves her daughter Ariel (Jordenn Thompson) in the vehicle, parks in Wesley's parking spot and runs in to get her check. Wesley and Walter have returned to the company from lunch and discover her car in his spot. They also discover Ariel in the car. Wesley gets Ariel out of the car and has the car towed. Lindsey arrives and has a heated argument with Wesley.

Lindsey leaves the building and takes Ariel to school. When she returns to work, she learns that she has been evicted from her apartment. She goes to pick up all of her belongings from the apartment and then goes to get Ariel from school. Trying to earn extra money, Lindsey works another shift at the company. While working, she puts Ariel in a closet to sleep. At this point, Lindsey and Ariel are living in her car. Wesley sees them in the parking lot and is concerned. She tells him she is waiting for her boyfriend to come get them. Wesley waits with her for her boyfriend, who never shows. He takes Lindsey and Ariel out for pizza and apologizes for the argument they had over the parking place.

Meanwhile, Ariel's school soon discovers that she and her mother are homeless. They threaten to call child welfare services. Wesley is struggling with the business while trying to watch over his younger brother, and Wesley's relationship with Natalie seems to be taking a turn for the worse. Child protective services come, take Ariel, and tell Lindsey she can get her back once she finds a stable place to live. Wesley feels bad for her and offers her a place to live in one of the company's unused corporate apartments. Lindsey gets Ariel back, and they move into the apartment. Wesley and Lindsey seem to be falling for one another. Lindsey helps Wesley discover his spontaneous side by renting a motorcycle, and the two spend the day together in the countryside. After the two kiss, Wesley reveals that he has a fiancé. Lindsey is heartbroken and runs away from Wesley to pick up Ariel from her school.

Wesley loses a big deal, and Walter accuses him of losing it while dating the janitor. Wesley's mother learns of the affair and lectures him about staying within his class. Later that night, Wesley and Natalie have a long talk with one another and agree that their marriage to one another is not the best thing. Days later, they go to their engagement party and announce that they no longer want to marry. Wesley also steps down as CEO of the Deeds Corporation, and he tells his family he has plans to travel.

Wesley rushes to tell Lindsey of his plans and is rejected by her. He invites her and Ariel to go travel with him to Nigeria, but she refuses. Wesley heads off to Nigeria after telling his family goodbye. He looks around the airport for Lindsey, hoping that she reconsidered. When he doesn't see her, he turns to board the plane. As he sits down, he looks across the aisle and sees Lindsey and Ariel on the plane. They share a kiss and all appear happy.

Good Deeds is a love story that overcomes financial barriers. It proves that love can be found in even the unlikeliest of places.