TFF Review: "The Director: An Evolution in Three Acts"


Frida Giannini joined the House of Gucci in 2004 launching a vintage-inspired accessory collection. Critically, the collection was a flop. Commercially the collection was a huge success and she was quickly promoted to the position of Creative Director.

“The Director” trails Gucci’s Creative Director Frida Giannini for one year detailing the professional, and personal highs-and lows, of running a premier international fashion house. The documentary is broken into 3 parts starting with the past, moving to the future, and finally returning to present day…

From coaching models of an approaching runway show, to adjusting the hemlines of an upcoming collection, the documentary immediately dives into the day to day of Gucci’s number one.

At first glace, “The Director” is a film about what it takes to run Gucci. At a second glace, it’s a film about what it means to maintain a brand from generation to generation. But whispering just below the surface is a different story—a better story—about a woman who seems to have conquered the fashion world without becoming the cliché.

Frida herself makes the “The Director” a worthwhile film, as she tackles the world of fashion unlike any before her. She’s almost entirely disinterested in the glamour of her position, standing tall as a wonderful example of how to achieve remarkable success without becoming consumed by ego.

With “The Director”, Christina Vordos has created a wonderful tribute to what really matters in life, through an entirely unexpected vehicle.