TFF Review: "The Motivation"


Every year, the best skateboarders around the world compete for a place in the NYC Street League contest. Out of the thousands that battle for a chance to enter, only the top eight make it to the finals.

“The Motivation” follows the lives of those elite eight skateboarders through the weeks just before the 2012 Street League Competition. Leading up to the contest, each contender is faced with challenges as they make their way towards the largest cash prize in the skateboarding world. Injuries, family pressure, fame, confidence—you name it these guys are battling it some form or another.

Director Adam Bhala Lough brings the audience deep into the world of each young man, rendering even the least skateboard-inclined viewer to feel a strong emotional investment in the outcome of the final competition. By the time the film reaches the actual 2012 New York Street League competition, it's the most exciting thing in the world.

“The Motivation” is a captivating look at the world of professional skateboarding, Although it never feels overly emotional, the film does a great job of delivering enough of a human-interest component to captivate even those previously disinterested in the world of skateboarding.