TMN Movie Review: "Sex Tape"

Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures

Rating: R
Length: 90 minutes
Release Date: July 18, 2014
Directed by: Jake Kasdan
Genre: Comedy

Everyone fears the possibility of private files being uploaded for all to see, and in July's "Sex Tape," that fear becomes the reality for one unfortunate couple. When Jay and Annie add some much-needed physical intimacy to their marriage, they do not expect that their homemade pornography video will be uploaded to the Cloud for their loved ones to view. This fast-paced comedy is sure to make moviegoers laugh, cringe and cheer while the likable couple goes to great lengths to delete their all-too-revealing tape from existence.

Jay (Jason Segel) and Annie (Cameron Diaz) are a happily married couple with two kids. However, after 10 years of marriage, they realize that their sex life is on a downward spiral as finding time to enjoy each other is hampered by their stressful lives and busy schedules. Looking to spice up their marriage and make them feel like newlyweds again, Annie dresses up as a sexy skater girl and surprises Jay with the idea of making a sex tape.

Using their iPad, they record their three-hour session as they have a blast trying out every single position detailed in "The Joy of Sex." Exhausted from their activities, they fall asleep together after Annie reminds Jay to delete the video so that nobody every sees it. However, what they don't realize is that their iPad is uploading the video to the Cloud, where it can be readily accessed by family and friends. The poor couple has no idea what horrors await them in the days to come.

When Annie and Jay find out that their private video is not so private anymore, they go into hysterics. They are determined to find out who has seen their video and, most importantly, how to get it back before it really gets into the wrong hands. Humiliation ensues when they discover their friends have seen their movie-length intimate session, and they consider moving out when they realize even the mailman has seen their tape. In a frantic night of chasing down leads among their friends and family, the determined couple does whatever needs to be done to delete their sex tape.

Over the years, Jake Kasdan has been perfecting his style of comedy directing with films such as "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story," "Bad Teacher" and "New Girl." Fans of the accomplished director will not be disappointed with "Sex Tape," which features all the quirky humor, awkward circumstances and subtle jokes that make his work so entertaining. The plot and characters may be relatively shallow, but audiences who hit up theaters for some raucous laughs are sure to have a great time despite this. Like many of Kasdan's films, "Sex Tape" is not a collection of clever jokes and new ideas. Instead, it uses a great premise and the acting talents of a great cast to bring the comedy to life.

As hinted by the title and theatrical trailers, this film includes a fair share of nudity and plenty of detailed, graphic and sometimes hilarious sex scenes. Scenes from the actual sex tape in question were recorded by Kasdan himself with no one else in the room besides the actors, according the Segel. This allowed the actors to feel more comfortable as they recorded their session. Throughout the film, audiences are treated to a number of risqué situations recorded in various locations both inside and outside the bedroom.

Although the sexual content and humor are major elements of this film, it also introduces some themes to which many viewers can relate. Struggling with a snuffed-out sex life is common for busy couples who have been married for years, and this film effectively captures that glorious moment when husband and wife decide to do something about it. Although the sex tape itself causes endless headaches for Annie and Jay, they still grow closer because of it.

Segel and Diaz also portrayed a couple in "Bad Teacher," another of Kasdan's films, and their chemistry is apparent on screen. The actors clearly have a close partnership that lets them feel comfortable filming even the most awkward scenes, and they play off each other's comedic chops nicely. After watching "Sex Tape," it is difficult to imagine anyone else playing these frantic characters.

"Sex Tape" may feature a few clichés, but the well-paced story and hilarious situations are more than enough to keep audiences firmly glued to their seats. This film features loads of raunchy humor, so conservative audiences should approach this flick with caution. However, the appropriate viewers are sure to come out of the movie theater with aching sides.