Tribeca Breakdown: "Some Velvet Morning"


When a film like "Some Velvet Morning" which only has two actors in the entire movie, Alice Eve and Stanley Tucci, comes on the screen you have to wonder if you are going to be able to make it through what can only be described as a “deep and complex” conversation. I was able to sit through it though and I found myself enjoying this strangely romantic story.

Fred (Tucci) shows up at Velvet’s (Alice Eve) door one morning with his bags and his foolish pride. He has left his wife to be with Velvet, who by the way is a prostitute, and nothing is going to stop him from loving her; not even Velvet herself.

The two dance back and forth from love to hate, from friend to enemy, and never really accomplishing anything. As Fred wants to stay and love Velvet, but Velvet wants Fred to leave and to never return.

Director Neil LaBute did a good job at keeping my attention and mixing my emotions for both characters. I am glad there are still films like this which focus on story, human fragility, and one morning of two peoples lives.