Tribeca Review: Human Capital

Photo Credit: Photo by Loris T.Zambelli - © Loris T.Zambelli

Human Capital
Run Time 110 minutes
Italian, subtitles

When a biker is run down on a snowy Italian road, the lives of everyone involved in the accident begin to unravel. Human Capital tells the story of three lives overturned by a variety of obstacles, connected through the involvement in a single police investigation.

The film is broken down into three chapters, each introducing a different character’s perspective on the same series of events. Every chapter delivers a greater context to its respective character, while simultaneously driving everyone closer to the event that inextricably links them all.

The narrative of Human Capital is engaging, and the characters captivating, which make the film a genuinely enjoyable experience. While the story is dark and largely depressing, the movie itself is shot beautifully, with the Italian countryside acting as picturesque background.

The biggest critique of Human Capital would be the lack of a significant conclusion. For a movie that spends 110 minutes struggling through darker personal tragedies, the happier ending felt a bit out of place.

Overall Human Capital is a well-told story that is equal parts entertaining and depressing, and a must see for fans of Italian cinema.