"Trust Me" Review

Photo Credit: © Courtesy of Tribeca Film Festival

‭“‬Trust Me‭”‬ is the latest‭ ‬“behind the scenes‭" ‬film written,‭ ‬directed,‭ ‬and starring Clark Gregg‭ (‬The Avengers‭) ‬and future starlet Saxon Sharbino‭ (‬Touch‭)‬.‭ ‬The film revolves around a former child actor turned agent,‭ ‬Howard‭ (‬Gregg‭)‬,‭ ‬and his new client Lydia‭ (‬Sharbino‭)‬,‭ ‬who will hopefully save his dying business.

The movie begins with Howard as the‭ ‬“nice guy‭”‬ agent who just can‭’‬t seem to catch a break.‭ ‬His latest client,‭ ‬a young boy named Phillip,‭ ‬is auditioning for a role only to be turned down once again.‭ ‬Having had enough with Howard,‭ ‬Phillips mother Janice‭ (‬Molly Shannon‭) ‬loses her patience with Howard and turns to Howard‭’‬s agent archenemy Aldo,‭ ‬played wonderfully by Sam Rockwell.‭ ‬Feeling bad for Howard,‭ ‬young Lydia decides to go with him,‭ ‬and she is offered the role of a life-time.‭ ‬Howard finds hope in his life for the first time with his career and with his love life as he pines after this beautiful neighbor,‭ ‬Marcy‭ (‬Amanda Peet‭)‬.

I must say,‭ ‬this is a good‭ ‬film and was enjoyable for me.‭ ‬I‭’‬ve never seen Clark Gregg in a lead role before,‭ ‬most people usually see him as an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D in all of the Marvel‭ ‬films and the television show.‭ ‬He did great in this film though,‭ ‬and he played well off the young Saxon Sharbino,‭ ‬who I remember mostly from the TV show Touch.‭ ‬The story did seem to be a little slow at times,‭ ‬but it really kept on‭ ‬its feet with the tension between Howard and Lydia‭’‬s father,‭ ‬played by Paul Sparks,‭ ‬as they both try to figure out what‭’‬s best for the young actress.‭ ‬Not to mention the villain in this film is‭ ‬played by Sam Rockwell,‭ ‬so you know it has to be good.‭

This film is a comedy but there are some very serious elements to the story.‭ ‬I think Gregg did a good job writing,‭ ‬directing,‭ ‬and acting in it and I really enjoyed seeing some of his friends make cameo appearances‭; ‬especially William H.‭ ‬Macy as a cheesy car salesman.‭ ‬This film is now out on VOD for you to check out.‭

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